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    I am very highly into make-up and anything that has to do with art. I am also a newly diagnosed celiac. Therefore, I would love to know more varieties of food that I can buy or make considering I love to cook. :D

    Feel free to add me on myspace if you would like.
    I like to meet new people and such. Just let me know you're from the forum :3
  1. Well I guess you can say I am a new celiac. Even though I have had it for years upon years. But recently diagnosed. So right now, I really want to make some sort of dessert. Like cookies or muffins or something for me to have as a snack...
  2. But when you think about it, the Mcdonald's itself is just waiting to destroy your intestines more than the gluten haha.
  3. Oh, I am actually vegan. I have been a celiac since I've been in 5th grade. But I have been diagnosed just about 2 weeks ago. And don't be scared about the needles. Believe me, its either get one needle now or hundreds as your life goes...
  4. gintare519

    College Life

    Personally, make-up and products along those lines don't bother me. It's only when I ingest food or liquid that contains gluten. The college I will be soon attending actually has a store that has vegan, organic and gluten free food. Otherwise...
  5. START RIGHT NOW!!! Even if he has no symptoms. I actually had to the opposite. I used to eat gluten and bread all the time. The doctors would test me, nothing would come up. But I would have severe abdominal pain. Now, 5 years later, after...
  6. Wisconsin! xD the cheese state. with lots of bakeries. O.O
  7. Hey! Well I'm Gintare. Normally referred as Gina. I actually have had it since about 5th grade. I remember I went to the ER multiple multiple times due to severe abdominal pain. Not one doctor knew what it was. So I recently started to do...