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    I am very highly into make-up and anything that has to do with art. I am also a newly diagnosed celiac. Therefore, I would love to know more varieties of food that I can buy or make considering I love to cook. :D

    Feel free to add me on myspace if you would like.
    I like to meet new people and such. Just let me know you're from the forum :3
  1. Well I guess you can say I am a new celiac. Even though I have had it for years upon years. But recently diagnosed. So right now, I really want to make some sort of dessert. Like cookies or muffins or something for me to have as a snack. Also, thanks to my professor who educated me about the celiac disease, I kind of want to make a thank you type of food for him considering his wife is a celiac as well. I would love to try some recipes. Please share as much as you can. I would highly appreciate it!
  2. But when you think about it, the Mcdonald's itself is just waiting to destroy your intestines more than the gluten haha.
  3. Oh, I am actually vegan. I have been a celiac since I've been in 5th grade. But I have been diagnosed just about 2 weeks ago. And don't be scared about the needles. Believe me, its either get one needle now or hundreds as your life goes on. There was plenty of time when I ended up in the emergency room due to my abdominal pain. The best thing you should do is just get the tests done. I actually needed to get put to sleep and get a sample of my intestine. I'm not sure why they had me do that instead of a blood test. But I would have highly preferred that way more. I am finding it difficult to maintain the celiac diet as well. There's always some fresh bread at my house. Or some kind of dessert laying around that I am dying to eat. But trust me, in about a week or so, you will feel SOO much better. So much healthier. Oh and for vitamins, I just take a miltivitamin. And a joint vitamin, but thats for a different purpose haha. Feel free to message me if you would like to know me or anything. I'm always researching! Goodluck!!
  4. gintare519

    College Life

    Personally, make-up and products along those lines don't bother me. It's only when I ingest food or liquid that contains gluten. The college I will be soon attending actually has a store that has vegan, organic and gluten free food. Otherwise, you should just really look around and read all your labels. I would recommend just buying something at your local grocery store and storing it in your dorm, maybe you have a mini fridge? It would help. Just a suggestion. I normally would just snack on fruits or some kind of granola bars. Just do some researching on some sugar & gluten free food. You would probably find quite a lot. Goodluck
  5. START RIGHT NOW!!! Even if he has no symptoms. I actually had to the opposite. I used to eat gluten and bread all the time. The doctors would test me, nothing would come up. But I would have severe abdominal pain. Now, 5 years later, after eating so much more gluten, my body is completely down. I am getting more health problems since I did not find out that I am a celiac earlier. I am constantly nauseous and always tired. I am very young as well. So that should say a lot. Since he did test positive, get him into the regimen ASAP.
  6. Wisconsin! xD the cheese state. with lots of bakeries. O.O
  7. Hey! Well I'm Gintare. Normally referred as Gina. I actually have had it since about 5th grade. I remember I went to the ER multiple multiple times due to severe abdominal pain. Not one doctor knew what it was. So I recently started to do some research on my own. And I have come across "celiac disease". It sounded JUST like what I have been phasing with. So actually, just about 2 weeks ago, I went to get tested for the disease. It turns out I have it. Not to mention, I am also lactose intolerant and vegan. What a small range of food now! haha. How depressing. I literally look 8 months pregnant at night after I have foods with gluten in it. Its horrible!! XD