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  1. To the people of the celiac universe. I know this is long but Please someone help me. I am feeling very hopeless and I'm just throwing all my issues out there in hopes someone could possibly tell me if my symptoms resembles Celiacs. Brief history - * major ocd started around 3 (pulling out hair, obsessive hand washing, fear of germs) as I got older - the ocd got worse (don't recall a traumatic experience) *chicken skin - ever since I was a child - on arms legs and face (still have it til this day) *major anxiety all my life *poor circulation all my life *bruise easily all my life *sleeping problems majority of my life * gallstones at age 16 - gallbladder removed *appendicitis at age 21 * always constipated growing up * developed an eating disorder at 16 to 26. I am now currently 27 and have been symptom free for a little over a whole year. I was a hardcore anorexic and then I would go right into full blown bulimic (back and forth for a decade) gaining and losing about 100 lbs each every time. * I've always had tingling in my hands and feet. Went to Drs and no one ever figured it out. * Always had edema (non pitting) in my legs * Every time I get blood work done my liver enzymes are always elevated and I have no idea why. * I've never abused diuretics but I have used water pills (back then) - lasix etc * I've taken up bodybuilding to help me live a healthy lifestyle and it seems to me now that I am eating more consistently and being good to myself major problems are surfacing. Daily I eat clean food ( a lot of veggies, lean proteins, yams, fruits - I eat every 2-3 hrs - 6 meals a day- the only thing I'm eating on a day to day basis with gluten is rolled oats and ff salad dressing. I take vitamins and digestive enzymes. I work out daily. I get enough fiber. Once a week I have a treat meal and treat dessert (which obviously has gluten and dairy in them) I only have dairy also once a wk on my treat meal and dessert. just an ex: burger, fries and dessert cake and ice cream (all in moderation) For the past 21 WEEKS I have been in hell. I've been through blood work - thryoid is okay and ultrasounds( they only saw gas in my stomach) and my Dr. (who is an idiot) could not find anything BLAMED IT ON my eating disorder when honestly I have been in recovery and have not relapsed and have been living moderately and healthy. He also told me it was from depression and I really doubt that it could make my stomach extended and all my other issues that I've been having. These are my symptoms currently: *distended hard hollow stomach EVERY DAY. I can see my ribs on the side but I seriously look pregnant. It is painful and it rarely goes away. *It's a tearing pulsating feeling inside. *Bulging veins behind calves and near pelvis area *Loud foul smelling gas. *I am not constipated NOR have diarrhea. I go once or twice every morning. My stools are very large long tubular and extremely bulky and from what I can see my veggies are not being digested. Looks like it could break apart very easily. *Bright yellow urine (even though I drink a gallon to a gallon and have everyday) *Headaches *Nausea *Anxiety *Sadness *Extreme fatigue *Dizziness *The second I put anything with gluten in my mouth I turn fire engine red. My face starts burning and it feels like a pins and needles feeling. To the point where my face feels paralyzed. Tingling in my eyes too. My chest also turns pinkish. *My face gets puffy and I feel drugged almost. * I break out in hives every week - the hives are on my chest, stomach, back, and but. They feel hot and sometimes they itch but they are not the ones that celiacs are shown to have. *When my stomach does go down which is VERY RARE. i measured my stomach before going out to eat my treat meal and dessert. the next morning I measured my stomach again and it had expanded 6 inches! *I have edema on my ankles and legs chest and arms - everyday. I have tested negative for celiacs (blood- wise). My liver enzymes were once again elevated like always. I have an apptment with the GI may 14th. I'm very scared. I'm irritated. In tears on a daily basis. I feel hopeless. It's really triggering my eating disorder. I am seriously hanging on by a thread. I'm trying to win my pro card in bodybuilding and it's killing my dreams. Everyone wants to put me on antidepressants (and I've taken everything under the sun before and I'm not really for them) I can assure you this is NOT mental. Oh and I even tried eating clean for 4 wks straight w/ no treat meals or desserts and still every single day my stomach is hard and painfully fully extened 5-7 inches. Can you develop celiac's after a hardcore eating disorder or maybe I've always had this and never realized? Do I sound like I have it? Can anyone relate or give me some advice? I'm falling apart. If you can't reply through this. my email address it Thank you all for taking the time out to read this. Heather
  2. I'm glad yours cleared up! I know how annoying it can be. I did try it 4 wks in a row and still everyday my stomach expanded anywhere from 4-9 inches. Craziness! I have an apptment with GI if he can not figure it out or diagnose me I am going to do my own thing and go gluten free for at least 2 months or so. thank you for your advice.
  3. Is abdominal distention normal in celiacs? Has anyone else had this? My stomach yesterday was 30 inches and this morning it was 39!!It has gone down two inches half way through the day. This has been a recurring thing for the past 4 months or so. It feels like someone is traveling down my inteinstines with a knife. Can anyone relate? Anyone have distenstion this bad or worse? Thank you
  4. Thank you for your thoughts. It dawned on me that maybe everything - my past poor physical health and mental health - could be in fact connected to celiacs. I am counting down the days to the GI faithfully
  5. Thank you. I'm putting that on my checklist. this board is amazing. i was reading your celiac history and i cannot believe they misdiagnosed you for that long! It makes me think with all my past issues and current ones that this whole time ive had a gluten intolerance. grrrr
  6. very interesting. thank you so much for your advice. I will stop at nothing to get this settled!
  7. OMG thank you for replying. I mean I read bloated belly and I'm thinking this is more than just bloating. This is down right ridiculous. I eat very clean (whole foods no gluten on a daily basis)except for a treat meal and dessert once a wk. last I had mac n cheese chicken nuggets biscuits and smores. all in moderation. i do this to boost metoblism and keep myself on track with my eating disorder. Even when I did 4 whole wks without a treat meal I still had the abdominal pain and distention (stretching out 4-9 inches). the only gluten of trace that i could be getting in daily is from rolled oats and ff salad dressing. maybe vitamins. i tested neagtive on the celiac panel but once again im not taking in gluten daily just once a wk. so im hoping the GI can figure it out. it's been way tooooo long to be in pain. I'm amazed to see how many people are self diagnosed and that as soon as they go gluten free there symptoms go down.
  8. Yeah I'd probably die if I ate gluten everyday. I was using the treat meal dessert to keep me on track with my eating disorder and a way to boost metabolism. I am totally done with my primary care dr. have Gi In 3 wks...praying they figure it out...thank you for all your thoughts and kind words Heather
  9. Thank you for responding. I'm glad things cleared up for you. I am counting down the days to the GI...uhhh My pregnant stomach is physically emotionally mentally killing me. My plan of attack is if the GI cannot figure it out. Or even if I test negative w/ all tests..I will just do my own thing and pray everything goes away.