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  1. Hi I was interested in some info on the Journal of Gluten Sensitivity. Is it a scientific journal - Is it peer reviewed? What type of articles do they have?? Thank you. MGMG
  2. Hello It is very difficult to do. I purged all the gluten-filled foods from the Kitchen and donated them to the local food pantry. I washed all the utensils and mixing bowls - I took all the bowls and utensils and ran them all through the dishwasher, and then wiped down the cabinets and toaster and toaster oven. I bought lots of gluten-free foods and restocked the pantry. Then I knew the kitchen was safe and everything in it was safe. Then I had to closely monitor what was brought in. When guests ask what they can bring - I assign them a fruit salad, or vegetable salad- no croutons. Or have them bring the soda, or wine. MGMG
  3. Hello! I just began following a gluten-free diet. I am interested in beginning to jog/ run a few times per week. With the goal of bineg able to run a race in the future. Great suggestions for gluten-free eating before during and after the race. Thanks for the recipes. Any suggestions fo increasing my exercise tolerance level? Thank you.
  4. Thank you for your quick response. I am able to tolerate gluten-containing products. The only symptom I present with is abdominal bloating at times.I have tried to embrace the gluten-free diet and after a few days I have significantly less abdominal bloating. I also lost a few pounds while following the gluten-free diet!! It is extremely difficult to follow when eating in restaurants. MGMG
  5. Hello I am new to this site. My brother was diagnosed with celiac disease in October of 2009. I tested negative for celiac, but postive for the genetic markers. I am deciding whether or not to embrace the celiac life style. Any advice?? MGMG
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