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  1. Hi Does anyone have a decent food diary and symptom tracker for food sensitivies...can't figure out what's going on digestivly with me. Been gluten-free for long time and now taking out other foods but still have problems on and off. Don't know if its stress or what. Been online to see some but can't find anything decent. Hate to recreate the wheel if someone has a good link. Thanks
  2. So how does one do this hydrogen breath test? And what do you do if you find you have this bacterial overgrowth?
  3. This is encouraging for me...I have been gluten-free for 2yrs but battling fatigue like crazy still. Brain fog better but now dealing with other food sensitivities that have come up: Egg Yolks, Yeast, Almonds and Walnuts, Milk, Cheese and Oh my gosh my Chiobani Greek Yogert! I am losing weight and can't afford to get too low. Struggling to do this for 6 mos to see how I can add enough protein which for my age/wt they said 81 grams. Wow that's alot. I hate beans and am a super picky eater...I can do cashews but have depended upon my almond butter etc. Now no bread etc! Any ideas to sneak in some gluten-free dairy free choc once in a while? How does one tell if it has dairy in it...like a candy bar? I am having trouble with snack foods that have protein since I relied upon dairy so much.! I had planned on doing this for 6 mos and then trying to reintroduce these every 4th day...we'll see now....Thoughts anyone?
  4. Hello I have been gluten-free for about year. Brain fog and most digestive issues cleared up. Have adrenal insuff so have to eat lots of protein and that has included dairy to sustain energy and take tons of supplements. Thought the dairy might be giving me probs so gave up dairy for a couple weeks about 6 mos ago and didnt notice any chgs. I do eat lots of dairy and am wondering if maybe the dairy is inhibiting all the supplements I am taking. Thus, I am not getting as favorable results to them and not absorbing so still dealing with fatigue. The other issue is I am having stomach issues again. Just plain upset nervous stomach sometimes crampy and sometimes loose stools. I have to eat every 3 hrs with hypoglycemic symp so thats where the dairy was so convenient along with my other foods. I eat nuts too but wonder if they too are bothering me. Has anyone used Cyrex labs and the panel 4 to determine if there are other foods that bother some gluten sensitive people? It is an expensive test and was recommended for me to have done. I cant imagaine no butter- How do I bake gluten-free? And no Yougert or cottage cheese? These are main stays in my refrigerator. Need a hand with this one.. the Cyrex test deals with some specific foods like casin, quoina, chocolate, potatoes etc I have had "normal " lab allergy testing and it showed about 8 years ago a milk allergy and every else too. Then about 2 yrs ago hardly allergic to anything including milk how are normal lab tests via blood for accuracy?
  5. Hi I didn't know that you had to rise Quoina? I have a bob mills brand and i think it says not to rinse? Can that upset ones' stomach not rinsing? I also have problems I am trying to figure out if it's other foods. I don't notice a prob eatting that but wondering where my fatigue and upset stomach is coming from. Also, I eat most of my veggies raw- because I hate them cooked could that make the stomach upset and give me looser stools? And nuts: I eat tons of cashews and raw almonds- could they contribute to the gut issues and fatigue? I've made sure they are not processed on same equipment as wheat etc but ? Thanks
  6. Can anyone help me out with Redkin or Matrix products - shampoos, conditioners and styling products that are gluten-free. I hate the cheap stuff!
  7. Yes, doing food diary too---I didn't think I'd have to be so cautious with the lotion. Waiting to hear back from Burts Bees on the lip balm but I think that's okay. We all eat gluten-free here - even though they don't have the problems but I just don't know! I'm gonna ditch the Rice Dream, I heard it has barley malt- very low - but that could be if I am super sensitive.
  8. Ok, This is ridiculous. Gluten Free for 9 mos. Found out some foods had gluten along the way. I cannot get rid of the exhaustion. I've had it for seems like most of my adult life. I've seen natropathic drs and no one really helped. I had such brain fog and stupor that I didn't know if I was coming or going so took myself off gluten and it was amazing. Stomach cleared up pretty well. The exhaustion never left. Very low cortisol levels through saliva testing plus wondering if I have other food allergies? Don't know if thyroid is in question but most drs say it's fine even with extensive testing. I've had it! I watch labels and it seems now whatever I eat bothers me. I've cut out gluten (9 mos) and sugar for 3 weeks. No chg. I thought that maybe the fresh veg juices might be giving me Diarrhea so I cut that out. I have had horribly low iron and ferritin issues in past and those are now up, maybe gut starting to heal. I also thought that i might have a casin allergy from what others say here. I use mot cheese and cottage cheese and yougert as mainstays in my diet so I can take in enough protein. I've cut all that out except for the butter for about a week and no difference. Stomach churns and upset and the more I worry about all this, the more upset it is! I'm losing weight, it was gradual at first but can't keep it on now. I don't have a huge appetite but it seems if I do eat more (like I used to ) I get an even worse stomach. Everyone comments on the wt loss and I feel like I don't even look well anymore. I'm discouraged BIG TIME! Sure appreciate your comments. I've had a colonoscopy and that was fine about 1 1/2 years ago. HELP!
  9. which biolage shampoos and cond are gluten-free? I have one and I was wondering? Am familiar with their products.
  10. What is the ataxia? I have had the issues of focusing the eyes and the brain fog and issues similiar? Man, it does take work but the normal docs don't have all the answers, prayers coming your way.
  11. Is this Kombucha tea gross? And what about the type of homemade yogert that one can have even if you should not have dairy? I was having Stony Field Organic Yogert, but I think that has can sugar in it? Is organic yougert ok or how does one make homemade youget? I am such a picky eater!
  12. Thanks for the information everyone- I just dont seem to have tons of patience now, after feeling such a difference in the beginning and feeling like crap now again. Maybe the Gatorade might help with the dizzy issue. Is there sugar in that? I will have to cut back on the carbs maybe, I have had gluten-free crackers as snacks each day, and have prob a total of 1-1/12/ slices gluten-free bread each week. I love to bake and was dissapointed when I thought that I may have to cut out the sugar to some extent too. A question about the shampoo, I many times wash my hair over the sink- if doesn't run in your eyes or mouth, is that the issue on the gluten- or is it that it is absorbed thru the scalp? How can I tell when I have been glutoned or if I am just in a detox mode? My stomach issues have cleared up a lot, once a while I will get runny stools, but have chalked that up to all the vitamins I take or the natural juicing. It seems so hard to figure out.
  13. I am so discouraged! Been gluten-free for 2 mos now. I just wanted to try the diet since I had not been feeling well for years. My blood tests showed I had sensitivities to wheat 5 yrs ago, recently showed nothing. Had a scope done and showed nothing. I am anemic with horrible ferritin deficiencies that did improve after only one month on the diet. I was thankful. I am trying to repair my gut juicing and getting nutirents that way too. Here's the deal. I go gluten-free and after 3 days felt much better. Not the exhaustion (still tired) and brain fog lifted to more manageable. I also watched sugar intake as well, and I am not as diligent with that now. (It's easy I hear to say - well, can't have gluten but I can have ____ even though it's still junk food/sugar.) Slowly I feel like I have regressed. I can't think as clearly, brain fog back, and almost feel like my vision is not what it should be. Had dr check HBAIC and other blood sugar as it felt like almost a blood sugar issue, but that was fine. I don't have high/low blood pressure problems and am realllly fed up! I have spent so much money on trying to get well. My dr had said that I had some fluid in my ears, but didn't think that was too much of an issue. I am unable to get into an ear, nose specialist until next month to check out vertigo or something like that. Could the increase in the sugar do it? Also, I still eat dairy, but manily yougert, some ice cream- I have been getting my hands in that now that it's warmer.... How do I know if I should give up the dairy either? I am new on thyroid medication and this has the T4 and T4 included in it- it's a compound prescription. I have been on that about one month, no chg in my symptoms. Appreciate some feed back!
  14. I know the feelings with headaches. Are you drinking enough water? Water will flush out the toxins in your body big time, my chiropractor says it will make you tired and have headaches by not having enough. Another thing to try is Magnesium Glycinate, that was recommended for me for them as well. If all else fails, I have been on Bio Identical Progesterone and that had helped me BIG TIME. You have to find a holistic dr that wil prescribe it, and it's a process, but worth persuing if nothing else works. I was off it recently and had trouble getting my prescription filled and my headaches came back with a vengence. As far as the acupuncture- my sister has gotten lots of relief for many things. It's hard sometimes, and "main stream" drs don't know always what to do. I have also gotten temporary relief by using peppermint essential oils and put on where it hurts, neck, temples, forehead etc. Sometimes it will help one relax enough to take care of things. Hope you find your answers soon.
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