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  1. thank you, thank you, thank you for all who posted! I stopped beating myself up over the weekend and decided to stay the course for the next 6 months. I'm sure we are doing a good job of beign gluten free. It was a momentary panic on my part! I will talk to my doctor about getting the other numbers checked. Again, thank you so much!
  2. I hope you feel better after getting all these supportive posts. I do not have celiac disease but my poor daughter suffered for (luckily only) about 2 years before we figured it out. I beat myself up, maybe worse, because it was my child who was hurting. Once I took her to the pediactric gastroenterologist he immediately (took about 1 month) diagnosed her with celiac and after a short 5 days of gluten free she was like a different kid. 2 years of food diaries, poop charts, pediatricians, "oh, she's just a nervous stomach kind of kid" ...easily solved by just getting to the right doctor. And, I read the online description of Celiac Disease and dismissed it because she did not have severe or typical symptoms. Boy do I know better now. Let's just say, hindsight is 20/20. Now that I know that is what it was, it is so obvious. Why did I let my child suffer for 2 years when it was so obvious - and quite frankly an easy fix. I occasionally go back to beating myself up, but really we just move forward knowinig that things will always be better for her now. As I said, and I can't stress enough hindsight is 20/20! ((hugs))
  3. My first attempt at gluten free cinnamon rolls was a disaster...or so I thought, the kids still ate them up. The 2nd attempt was much better. I really love the Pamela's chocolate cake mix. I also recommend that if you are baking for an occasion that you do a "practice run" before the real one. I picked up a Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix because I was at the regular grocery and needed one for a party. I was really dissapointed with it, Pamela's is much better. My daughter was diagnosed at the beginning of November and one of our family traditions is cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. This was one of the first things she said - oh no I can't have cinnamon rolls on Christmas. At first I thought that was right, but then realized Pillsburry was not the only source for them. Then I realized that my home made gluten free ones were actually much better (once I got the recipe right). I am a newby, but basically what I did was try some recipes and just bought what that specific recipe called for. I slowly build up my pantry of gluten free necessities. Good Luck and have fun!
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    Weight Gain

    All I can offer you is my support as I am not a Celiac myself. My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed about 6 months ago. We just went in for her 6 month check up and we all cheered and praised her for gaining 7 lbs! I chuckled and told her enjoy it while you can...won't be long before gaining weight is not what you want. As a person who has struggled with my weight for my entire life I totally empathize with you. I lost about 75 lbs on Weight Watchers about 7 years ago and with a little ups and downs have mainly managed to keep it off (I'm up 10 lbs right now and back on the wagon). I say stick with Weight Watchers. Count your pointes and stay faithful to the program. Don't think of food as the ememy. I wish you much luck.
  5. I don't have any good invormation for you, but will be very interested to hear some of the replies. I posted a few posts ago about my daughter who had a 172 and after 6 months she is at 28. Not good enough, needs to be below 20 as you said. We have been strictly gluten free. I've been beating myself up over the last few days trying to figure out where she is getting hidden gluten, but maybe we have been doing just fine and it just takes a while for the level to come down. I'm also suspicious of the trip to Disney (gluten free obsessed I might add) 10 days prior to the blood draw. Next time I won't schedule the blood draw right after we get back from vacation. Good luck to you.
  6. One of the things that really bothered me about the whole thing is that she is totally symptom free. Except for once when she got glutened at a Christmas gathering she has been doing exceptionally well. She gained 7 lbs and 1/2" over the 6 months. What freaked me out is that here she is symptom free but still testing positive for active Celiac. That scared me....we might think she is fine and here she is not. I have re-evaluated all the food that we are eating. We do eat mainly fresh whole foods, but I do like to keep Amy's pizza in the freezer for Friday night. I have seen alot of negative feedback on Amy's pizza so I might eliminate that. We also do breakfast cereal. She mainly eats EnviroKidz, but I also have Kix and on the weekends sometimes get Trix or Pebbles as a treat. I also have a more experienced celiac mom who is going to drop by my house on Saturday to review my kitchen with me.
  7. The only number I have is the IgA which went from 172 to 28.
  8. I need some feedback on Amy's rice crust pizza. My daughter may be getting some hidden gluten somewhere so I am re-evaluating our eating habits. We usually have an Amy's pizza once a week or so. Even with the gluten free claim on the box it is listed on the back that it is manufactured in the same facility at wheat. Comments? Experiences? Thanks!
  9. My daughter was diagnosed about 6 months ago (11 year old). We just had her 6 month check up. Her initial TTg level was 172 and now it is at 28. The doc says we need it to be below 20. He was happy with our progress but says we need to do better. At the time I figured it was at 28 because she was getting hidden gluten somewhere or maybe because I had her blood draw done 10 days after returning from spring break vacation at Disney World. We live a very careful lifestyle with her. Our house is 98% gluten free (we keep 1 loaf of bread in the house and I have steel cut oats that I eat in the morning). I am very careful with her and she is too. So my question is for those of you out there, how long did it take you to get that ttg level down? I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out where we are going wrong, but maybe we are on the right track and just need a little more time. She will have another blood test in 6 months. Thank you for any and all comments!