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  1. 4boysmom

    Yet Another Flour Question

    Thank you for the muffin recipe. I am going to try that and try several different variations - like maybe pumpkin and chocolate chips. I want to try this recipe for Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies II that has the following ingredients. Do you think I should eliminate or reduce the baking powder or baking soda if I use Pamela's?
  2. 4boysmom

    Yet Another Flour Question

    I have used Pamela's Baking and Pancake Mix for some things but have been hesitant to use it in large quantities, like for my cookies or cakes. Plus when I use it for muffins they do not seem to have the same rise as with regular flour, is that normal? Do you add baking powder or soda when using it as a replacement in a recipe that calls for AP flour? I did make some Pecan Pie Muffins with it last week that the whole family liked. I do not think I am fond or Bob's Red Mill Flour due to all the bean flours in it. It is ok for brownies but not really for muffins or cakes in my opinion.
  3. I know there have probably been hundreds of flour questions on this forum but....Does anyone have a suggestion for a good already mixed all purpose flour blend? What brand do you use? I know a lot of people mix their own but I 1) do not have room to store a bunch of different flours and 2) do not want to mix my own at this point, but my hubby loves sweets so I need something to bake with. HELP PLEASE!
  4. 4boysmom

    Colorado Springs Vacation

    In some of my research I saw the Craftwood Inn. Would love to go there but I know it is not in our budget for this trip. There will be six of us - Hubby and I and our 4 kids. Sure wish we could though. I also found the bakery online. We will definately be going there. I was so excited to find it. I am guessing we will bring home hamburger buns for the freezer as we have not found any locally that hubby likes and he so misses a real hamburger. I didn't know that about Chick-Fil-A. How do you order at Chick-Fil-A? He would love to go to a pizza place and everyone would be happy. Going to have to do that. I think we will be staying a night or two in Pueblo. They have an Applebee's and they have a statement on the Applebee's website. Here is the link http://www.applebees.com/downloads/allergen_info.html Would you eat there based on this? Hubby does not seem to have a big problem with cross contamination as so many here do.
  5. 4boysmom

    Any Gluten-Free Bisquick Mix Sightings?

    I found it in Wal-mart, but not my regular grocery store. I live in the South Plains region of Texas. Wait, what? Nature's Own Gluten Free Bread? Cool. Is that in the freezer section?
  6. We are going to Colorado Springs, Colorado for a few days. Leaving on Thursday, I can't wait. Need some safe places for hubby to eat while we are there. Anyone have suggestions. I know there was a post about this location before, but it was from 2007 so looking for more current info. Thanks.
  7. I bought a can of Old ElPaso. The ingredients lists is: Water, Tomato Puree (water, tomato paste) Modified Corn Starch, salt, sugar, distilled vinegar, chili pepper, soybean oil, citric acid, hydrolyzed soy and corn protein, onion powder, red pepper, color added, natural flavor. Sounds safe right???
  8. I know the big/regular size rice cakes are gluten free, but I was wondering if the mini rice cakes are gluten free. Not the ones that come in individual packages but the one Quaker calls Quakes rice snacks. I am finally getting hubby to come around to the idea of eating rice cakes so was wondering if the mini ones are safe too. Thanks
  9. The only brands I recognize from this list is Las Palmas and maybe La Victoria (not sure on that one, could be my imagination). I know we have Old El Paso. I will check out the website, send them an e-mail, or call, or all of the above. I know the store brand I used to buy, and still have a can of in my pantry, is not gluten free.
  10. WOW! That is a good link. There are several things on there that hubby can have that I didn't think about. Going to print the list for the next time I go to the store. I am not sure if we have La Victoria in any of our stores or not. Seems like I have seen it but it could have been Las Palmos I saw. I will have to look more closely next time I am at the store. Thanks
  11. Does anyone know what canned enchilada sauces are gluten free. Yeah, I know I could make my own gluten free enchilada sauce but when in a hurry (which if often) it would be so much simpler to be able to grab a can of enchilada sauce. I was hoping to make a chili relleno casserole tomorrow. I need help. Thanks
  12. This seems to be a standard reply for many companies. Based on what they said would you eat it?
  13. I was wondering how many people on here are not gluten free, but have a loved one that is? I am not gluten free, but I got on the forum because my hubby was diagnosed with Celiac's. I knew I would be in the minority here but sometimes I feel like I am the only one on here that is not gluten free. Just wondering.
  14. 4boysmom


    I feel like I am chiming in late on this, but I am going to chime in anyway if that is ok. We plant every year. Always buy live plants, until my 7 y/o discovered the seed isle. He would plant one of everything if we would let him. We don't have much room for a garden but last year I was able to talk hubby into letting us expand some. This year we have three tomato plants (two large and one small variety) four jalapeno pepper plants (hubby got a little carried away - guess I will be pickling a lot of peppers), three okra plants, carrots by seed (this is a new one for us and we have the 7 y/o to thank)and four yellow squash. It was only supposed to be two squash. Funny story about the squash. Last year I talked hubby into letting me plant a honeydew. He finally conceded saying it wouldn't do anything anyway. Yeah right! It practically took over the garden and made the best honeydew. ha ha the joke was on him. This year before the boys tilled up my garden area I had two plants come up volunteer. Based on where they were located and how they looked at the time we decided that they were honeydew (several went bad in the garden at the end of the season). I carefully dug them up and put them in pots until I could get their new honeydew home ready. Then when the new honeydew area was ready I carefully transplanted them again just hoping they would live. They did live and as they grew they began to suspiciously look like squash plants. That is because they were squash plants!!!! UGH. We were so disappointed. The squash we planted last year was not very good but I couldn't bear to pull up these living plants that I cared for so much. Hope the squash is better this year. We call them our honeydew squash because mommy is blonde. I did go buy a honeydew plant though. Planted it late but hope to have some yummy honeydew at the end of the season.