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  1. Did your doctor say to do "high" gluten? I ask only because a coworkers doctor told her that even just one sandwhich...
  2. SweetDsMom

    3 Year Old Celiac Son Vomiting From Being Glutened

    This actually happened to us very recently. DS is 2 1/2 and got a waffle and ate about 2 bites of it. Almost exactly...
  3. I hadn't put any thought to this until my parents recently mentioned they had wanted to get my son an ice cream treat...
  4. SweetDsMom

    Query Celiac, 4 Days Into A Gluten Free Diet

    I was told DS had a "virus" and that we just needed to wait it out before he was finally diagnosed w/ celiac. I would...
  5. SweetDsMom

    When Teachers Don't Understand Celiac Kids

    Coming into this late, but I just wanted to say that I htink you need to be really honest w/ the principal. I know the...
  6. SweetDsMom

    4 Months On

    This hit home for me! DS is only 18 months old, and was diagnosed just 2 1/2 weeks ago. He actually ended up in the...
  7. SweetDsMom

    Celliac Or Not--Very Confused

    My recent experience - through blood tests, DS was diagnosed w/ celiac by our regular ped. We immediately took DS off...
  8. SweetDsMom

    How Long For Gluten Attack To Show

    On the "there has to be Gluten in her system" front - my DS was diagnosed w/ celiac by his regular pedi almost 2 weeks...
  9. My son has recently been diagnosed. In doing research, trying to learn what is and isn't safe, yogurt has a big question...
  10. SweetDsMom

    Wondering Where We Go From Here?

    My DS has just been diagnosed w/ celiac at the age of 17 months. No genetic testing ever done. Based on all other blood...
  11. SweetDsMom

    New! A Few Questions...

    Thanks Maureen- that's a help!
  12. SweetDsMom

    New! A Few Questions...

    Hello everyone. I'm new here - just found out my son most likely has celiac disease. We're actually waiting on the...