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  1. Well she already is able to perform the typical EDS hypermobility traits. (The one were they test your fingers, hands...
  2. Ok I understand. At least I have a good base knowledge of what is going on, what kind of tests should be ran, and what...
  3. I see! I am thinking doing another round of blood test would be a smart idea at this point. These labs are about 1 1...
  4. Now I know I am not super skilled in this.....but I am not sure what to make of my 3 year old's test results from 20...
  5. We saw the GI two years ago for her stomach problems because the NP just was not sure what was going on. I am guessing...
  6. Well I am wondering exactly what the Celiac Panel is? Like what test they run and what is considered normal and abnormal...
  7. Wondering where this is going to lead!

  8. I will start out by just giving some in general family history. The post is about my 3 year old daughter though. My mother...
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