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  1. Wow that is low! Glad he gave you a shot. Take care. Enjoy some sunshine
  2. Glad to hear you all have been tested. I went through Direct Labs for $69 (those of you who are intrested plus you can get 10% off if you search Direct Labs coupon). My understanding is that many people are deficient in vitamin D and it plays an important role in preventing cancers, MS, autoimmune, and osteoprosis. I think those of you who have celiac should really consider checking your vitamin D and everyone else as well as it is an important vitamin.
  3. I do not have celiac but I recently got my vitamin D tested through Direct labs and was 21.9. 1) How low was your vitamin D when it was tested? 2) How much vitamin D do you take? 3) How long did it take for your vitamin D to go up after supplementing?
  4. I have not tried to cut out fructans, but I think that would be a great idea as I was recently doing some reading on that. Thanks for the insight! I appreciate your thoughts.
  5. Thank you for your responses. Skylark, I was off dairy and soy (strict) for 6 months while I was nursing my daughter as she had MSPI and then again 2 years later for another 6 months while I was nursing my son. I have to say that while I was on the strict dairy/soy free diet that I didn't see an improvement as well. I have also tried cutting out fructose as my GI doctor did a testing showing that I had fructose malabsorption. It is all so frustrating with the IBS, I have tried several different probotics, digestive enzymes, supplements, have had two colonscopies, endoscopy, food IgG intolerance and food IgE allergy testing, yeast overgrowth..etc you name the test I have had it the last 10 years. Sometimes I wish I could just find something other than you just have "IBS", live with it.
  6. Here is the short version of my history: - IBS for 10+ years - Psoriasis - some nero issues on and off with tingling/numbness, hotness in face, anxiety that comes. - Extreme fatigue -brother has confirmed celiac. - All blood work negative. -Enterolab positive for IgA - Genetic testing through Lab Corp shows, DQ 2 (DQA1 501/505, DQB1 02xx) Negative DQ 8 (DQA1 03xx, DQB1 302) Negative DQA1 0102 DQB1 0602 With the help of Nora I am DQ 1, 1 (Thanks Nora) I tried a gluten-free diet for 8 weeks and seen no difference with my IBS and introduced it back just recently to see how I would feel. However I am scared that with the neurological gene that it is bad to eat any gluten? What do you think? Do I need to completely avoid all gluten my whole life? Thank you so much for your thoughts.
  7. How is leaky gut diagnosed? Is it through symptoms only?
  8. Just been a couple of days off of gluten, but so far I my GI symptoms have been getting worse. Did anyone feel worse before feeling better?
  9. Thank you for your responses. It is a good idea to keep a good journal, especially every couple weeks to really monitor.
  10. A bit of information for me: Brother has confirmed celiac with biopsy, blood work..etc "IBS" for 10+ years Psoriasis Anxiety and depression Positive Enterolab IgA test Negative celiac panel last year Based on all the conflicting information with Enterolab, I am reluctant to permanently go gluten free, but I want to try a gluten-free diet. How long should I try a gluten-free diet for? If I don't feel any better after a certain amount of time is it okay to try gluten again and will I know right away if I should not have it? Thanks!
  11. Is there any other testing for gluten sensitivity other than Enterolab?. My total IgA and TTG were negative last year and my IgA through Enterolab was positive so I know that I need to go off gluten, but I wish I had a little more evidence than a just Enterolab before I get off of gluten totally. The lady at Enterolab told me that it can take 10-12 years before it can show up on IgA blood work. What if I do a anti-gliadin IgA or IgG blood work?
  12. MommyL


    How do you know before I gluten-free diet is working?
  13. Hi everyone I am new here. I am 28 years old and I have had "IBS" for 10 years+. I have a brother with celiac. After having my second baby my IBS has continued along with extreme fatigue, depression and psoriasis. 7 years ago I had a biopsy and blood tests looking for celiac which were negative and last year again had a negative tTg-IgA and total IgA within the normal range. I checked into Enterolab and got the following results- I just did the one test Fecal Anti-gliadin IgA 35 Units (Normal Range is less than 10 Units) so.... - try a gluten-free diet for 2-3 weeks to see if I feel better? - stay off gluten forever? - pursue more blood testing again- Genova labs can test for (tTg-IgA, tTg- IgG, total IgA and Anti-Endomysial IgA) - do gene testing or more testing wit Enterolab? I called my GI doctor and of course they made me feel like I was the crazy lady who sent my poop to Texas They had never heard of Enterlab and had no suggestions at all.