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About Me

latent celiac disease - diagnosis confirmed July 2010

tTg iGA antibodies in blood test + duodenal inflammation seen in biopsy but no villous damage visible yet - June 2010

gluten-free since just after biopsy in June 2010

type 2 diabetes - diagnosed June 2010

labile hypertension - diagnosed May 2010

thoracic spondylosis - diagnosed May 2010

1.5cm thyroid nodule - diagnosed May 2010, ultrasound July 2010, needle biopsy July 21

chest pain of unknown inflammatory/possibly autoimmune origin - diagnosis pending May 2010

degenerative joint disease, chondromalacia, lateral patellar tilt and patellar maltracking bilaterally - diagnosed February 2009

ADHD (hyperactive AND inattentive) - diagnosed 1968; back then they called me 'hyperkinetic'

Yup..I'm fallin' apart in my old age. ;)

The turtle in my avatar is Antony, my Reeves turtle; he has a tankmate named Cleopatra but she's more camera-shy than he is. :)

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