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    I want to learn more about celiac disease i have so many other health problems that i rely have no control over and i do somewhat with this so im interested in learning more so i can be as healthy as possible :) other than that i love art,i draw all the time, tattoos, piercings,makeup very into makeup lol especialy special effects makeup for movies! I love music. Someday i want to travel go backpacking to all the coutries ive always wanted to see with my awsome camera in hand :P Thats another thing i love photography! I love to be physicaly fit to so im into gymnastics and dancing and i love to go running!
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  1. Sweet! Cus ive tried the New grist one and uhh it was grose i didnt like it at all lol
  2. So i have been celiac all of my life but did not start on the diet until about 2 years...
  3. Hey something to add i know that marcelle had a new mineral foundation that is gluten free...
  4. I need some help, i didnt even think of makeup or hair products or anything like that up...
  5. No i havent but they sound good i like fruity drinks Im going to the LCBO tomorrow so...
  6. Hey so i just started the gluten free diet about 2 years ago and its been very difficult...
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