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  1. Yes!!!! I ate ice cream last night with chocolate syrup. I was so sick ad gassy. I felt like I used to feel before becoming Gluten free. Ice cream usually doesn't bother me. I read the ingredients on the chocolate syrup and discovered the high fructose corn syrup. I gave up all other artifical sweeteners, but will now be giving up the high fructose corn syrup. I sure hope I don't have to give up dairy.
  2. I have been Gluten Free for 2 weeks now and have never felt better! At the age of 46, being sick had become a wa of life, I feel like a new person. Last night I ate a Wendy's Frosty. Just like your wife and Mother in law, I became ill within an hour. It is now 10 plus hour later and I am still sick at my stomach. I have never been lactose int either. What the heck is in the frosty? I won't be eating anymore>
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