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    Dictating What Others Can Eat Around Me?

    I guess what upsets me about this is that at the base of this is a person who is obviously uber sensitive, and suddenly this has devolved into a thread of "is it just in your head." Maybe the symptoms that are caused by airborn gluten don't start the whole auto-immune response. Maybe they do. Really there isn't a test to figure it out, and I doubt anyone who is suffering for a day or more after such exposure really cares if there is science to back up what their body is telling them is the truth. Do the implications of such things scare me? yes. Do I think it is wise to bury my head in the sand if I don't think it applies, or try to convince someone else what they are experiencing isn't real? no. Do I think it applies to me?? Well that is a very interesting question, and an answer that would have been different Tuesday of this week. I have been gluten-free for 4 months.My adrenals are also tanking, and I have had a variety of gut/allergy/neurological pain symptoms for as long back as I can remember. Going gluten-free, and giving my adrenals some much needed support has been like a miracle in my life. I have been "glutened" a couple times in the last 4 months by ingesting something I checked into first... and my information was wrong. I had some very specific symptoms that laid me out for 2 days. not fun. I had never, that I knew of, reacted to anything in the air. I *have* had issues with body care products, and I know there is a whole debate about that too... but I don't really care what others' opinion is on that as I know what happened to me. Anyho... I went out to a restaurant (olive garden-the gluten den)... I had no food, no drink, I didn't even unwrap the silverware. I sat and talked with friends and hung out. Then I paid for it for 2 days with my all too familiar symptoms... It could be a cross reactivity, it could be an airborn issue, I don't know yet. I am not willing to rule it out because someone says science doesn't support that yet. I know that whether or not this kicks off the whole auto-immune cascade, the symptoms that kick my rear-end for 2 days after I am AROUND it, mean that it isn't worth it to me.
  2. I was sent this site from a friend, who recently has gone gluten-free. After listening to her, and having a longer talk with some extended family members, I am going to see my doctor tomorrow. I certainly can go into symptoms and whatnot, but I am personally convinced I have hypothroid (mom gma, all 3 aunts on one side, and gma and 3 aunts on the other side are already diagnosed), and at least am gluten sensitive (The amount of auto-immune and GI diseases in my family is staggering). I think the tests will help my husband more than me. He still believes doctors know what they are doing. We've already had the talk about false negatives and such, but I am still going to be tested. All of that said, I am seeing my doctor tomorrow and I will be having a talk with her about both thyroid and gluten. My head is literally spinning with the alphabet soup of antibodies and test names. I can't even keep straight everything I have read. I am wondering if there is a test that screens for a bunch of things? and what that is called? What I should specifically ask my doctor to test me for... And, I know no one likes to talk about money, but I have absolutely NO idea what a blood test of any type will cost. They cost somewhere between $65-$140 on average for my dog LOL My insurance says this (to follow) does this mean that diagnostic blood tests are covered, or that they are covered after $1000? (The office is of course closed) Diagnostic Lab 1 A laboratory test of biological samples, used to assist in the diagnosis of a medical condition. Additional Information A diagnostic lab can be either free-standing
  3. Ok... just to let folks know I made it through the alphabet soup, I think... I found something that was posted in April that said this is what I should ask for and for the Thyroid a T3 and a T4... We'll see how it goes today, at least I have been duly warned that my doc will most probably think I am off my rocker.