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  1. My dr's appt to review the blood work results isn't until two weeks from now, but I picked...
  2. You know, this transition has been fairly easy for me, too. Although I miss beer and have...
  3. Unfortunately, soon as husband's deployment is over, I'm moving out of state to where he...
  4. I recently found a wonderful family doctor. She sat down and LISTENED to me. I originally...
  5. I am still waiting on my results, but my doctor has already put me on a gluten free diet...
  6. Thank you for the response. Been losing weight this way, too.. Gotta love that!!
  7. Thanks guys! I just finished with an epsom salt bath, hoping my skin will feel better...
  8. Hi, I've been having issues with my stomach for years, but the past month or so it has...
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