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  1. I've been suffering from IBS symptoms on and off for a couple of years. recently i switched to a chicken / rice / salad diet for a few days and found myself back to normal. after being a tad more adventurous, i suspect that i have an issue with wheat. i recently took the blood test for celiac disease and it came back negative. however, i had already been cutting back my wheat intake. that said, i think i had failed twice in the previous week. i'm judging by the bouts of D that became part of my morning schedule. i'm not certain if the test can be accurate under that condition. further, i'm curious if i should be considering celiac disease at all. While i do have D when i eat wheat, i've also climbed mountains, ran and biked daily covering thousands of miles. aside from the D, by all other measures i'm healthy. another variable for consideration - beer without wheat doesn't bother me at all although it certainly has gluten. --- should i simply listen to my body or should i go in for more testing?
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