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  1. Oh, wow. That's terrible. I don't think I could do that to people being a sick kid myself I know how worried my mother would get when I was younger when I'd get sick, I could never do that to another person or their child.
  2. Thanks for the input everyone. I've been sorta busy. I was thinking of selling some baked goods from home/online. I've also been posting a few step by step things on my blog if anyone is interested. http://nogirlsontheinternets.blogspot.com/
  3. I don't think it'd be a good idea to have both, I mean you wouldn't want any wheat flour finding it's way into something gluten free but that's my opinion.
  4. Hey, hi, hello there. So, I haven't really posted on here but anyway, since I found out I have Celiac I've gotten this idea, to start a gluten free bakery. Now, this idea has progressed into it being like a little sit down cafe, that offers not only gluten free but other non-allergy food, and it won't just be bakery food, I was thinking of offering sit down meals and things too. I was just wondering if anyone else has done this, or has run a shop before. Any advice at all (or ideas) would be awesome. Sorry if I posted in the wrong place but, this seemed like the place to go. Thanks!
  5. How are you doing, tessabear? Been thinking about you.

  6. I wanted to thank you all for all your help. I never knew they're was so many things to do with a potato.. lol. I also wanted to post this .pdf I found. It's a list of all the gluten free stuff at Giant that's not marketed as gluten free, and isn't badly priced. http://www.giantfood.com/media/living_well/gluten_free_giant.pdf
  7. I'm Janet, mostly new to this too. I'm sorry you have to deal with this at a young age (I'm 57). If I would have been diagnosed earlier I would not have some of the health issues I have now. So, may be you can look at this more positively, because having Celiac can cause lots of problems later in life - you can eat properly now and avoid them! Ran out of space! janetmaye...

  8. Oh also; I can call and ask if the childrens can help out. I've never been on SSI or anything like that though. My father was on SSI and I just remember it being a terrible process for him to get anything.
  9. I'm followed by a children's for my blood issues, my neuro and celiac are by two different hospitals. My neuro is is local and my celiac is in Maryland.
  10. Lol, yeah I never liked them because I couldn't really stomach them. I'd always feel so sick. I found a few food banks, I'm going to call them tomorrow to see if I can arrange something with them.
  11. Aw, I didn't even think about asking a food bank or anything. I offer to cook but to add to the poopie situation they like premade meals.. way, way too much. I didn't like them much to begin with, lol.
  12. Thanks all. I'll see if I can apply for something. All and all it seems like I'll just have to avoid everything that isn't gluten free. It's just hard to even enjoy stuff after having to eat a lot of the same thing over and over.
  13. That's a good idea, I'll see if I can apply for something. I've never heard of any out reach centers or anything. This seems like a really good community. :]
  14. Hi, I'm 18 and I've been newly diagnosed with Celiac. I don't really have a job and my living situation is, well, I live with a friend and pay nothing for food/room/heat/etc. The thing is my bank account is really at about 0. Me not paying makes me feel like I can't ask the people I live with to buy me $6 bread mix or noodles just so I can eat something that's not fruit, meat, or veggies. I have tried to look for a job, I have a few other medical issues that I feel people will not hire me for, but it is something I need to put out there up front since some are bleeding/clotting disorders and a pressure issue in my head. Any online places that discounted? I'm also just pretty bummed about the whole having this issue. Thanks, Tessa.
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