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  2. I am new to this forum but have been gluten free for nearly 5 years now. Going gluten free has alleviated many of my symptoms although I occasionally have had some random issues (I assume due to cross contamination or some undiscovered intolerance). I would really love to have an official diagnosis so that I don't feel like this is all in my head, although deep down I know better. I think the diagnosis is more or less my way of validating my intolerance to family members who are still after 5 years trying to test me. All that I have read states that tests are inconclusive in the state that I'm in (5yrs. gluten-free), and I feel like it's a gigantic waste of time and money to try an get a diagnosis. I feel damned if I do and damned if I don't (pardon my expression). Any suggestions on effective tests that don't require me to ingest gluten? I'm reading that Enterolab has had some mixed results (not sure which I should believe), although my maternal aunt completed one of their panels and learned that she is in fact gluten intolerant as well as carrying two of the genes that predispose her to Celiac. Her results are making me wonder is mine would be similar although after reading through the forums I'm wondering if Enterolab's results are even valid. I'm extremely confused by all of the mixed info and not sure if I should even bother testing since living a gluten-free lifestyle seems to make a world of difference.
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