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  1. My most recent lab tests show that I have h. pylori among other things. I am thanking the Lord because despite being gluten-free (and dairy, egg, sugar, soy, corn,.....-free) for years, I have seen NO improvement. I know my tests showed I had Celiac and many other food allergies, so when I avoided those foods and saw no results, it was more than frustrating. My recent lab test also showed ringworm and more unpleasant bacteria growing in my gut. No Candida though...more likely Disbyosis this time. I am praying to God that it was the h. pylori that was keeping me from seeing results and that the course of antibiotics really will go a long way towards recovery. Happily, but unfortunately I am pregnant and cannot take a full course of antibiotics for the h. pylori until October. I can't treat the ringworm until them either. That's okay. I've suffered for years, what's another 6 1/2 months?
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