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  1. I was kinda thinking that... I do have the option to order off the menu and they have a gluten free menu. Just didn't want to make it an issue, but I guess it is! Thanks!
  2. I'm having a buffet lunch for work at a local Greek restaurant tomorrow. I called the restaurant and they said there will be lots of gluten free items at the buffet. First time at a buffet since my diagnosis. Should I be worried about it?
  3. Thanks for the response! Yeah, my doc said she's confident, given my symptoms, the testing, and my history and response to gluten-free diet, that I DO have celiac and need to live accordingly. Glad to hear I'm not the only one figuring out what "normal" is... Thanks!
  4. Hi. I'm new to this board and being diagnosed. Curious which blood test you guys mean...? I tested positive for celiac with the genetic testing, but negative with the biopsy and, I think, the antibodies....? But I had been gluten free for months before testing (with just 1 slip). I feel better gluten free so, doc diagnosed me with celiac. Anyone else have this experience? Probably not where I should post this (sorry for hijacking!), but I'm also wondering how long it takes to feel "normal" again... I'm still bloated, sometimes constipated, etc.. ? Thanks!
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