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  1. My story is a little embarrassing but I really would like some help and info. Ok so back in July of 2010 I took an std test and tested positive for chlamydia. About four days later I started a cycle of antibiotics (Doxycycline Hyclate). Let me say that this is some strong stuff and I was not ready for how powerful it was. I'm a very active person and this did the total opposite. I was depressed I had tons of anxiety a weird sense of balance, brain fog and just a dream like state. Just a bad situation over all. Now you ask were does celiac fall into the equation. Well every since that day my life has not been the same, I am a bodybuilder and was so use to eating and drinking what I feel. Now every since I took those antibiotics I don't even know what I can even put into my body because if I eat or drink the wrong thing I get fatigued, anxiety and I'm in a dream like state. At times it has been very scary. Even to the point where I'm seriously questioning my sanity. I have educated my self of on my symptoms but I'm not a doctor. In my eyes I've had candida been anemic and now celiac. I went to the ER but they just gave me benedryl And charged me $1000 for the visit. I am a personal trainer by profession so I am not that worried about the body even though I know it it is very importaint to get this situation under control. As I am more worried about my mind and my thought process. I've read so many articles of what could be wrong and they contradict each other. I don't know if I need B12, gluten free diet, certain type of medicine or what this even is. I will have insurance to go see a doc in a month so think if I went this long I can hold off. I would appreciate any advice or info to help. Thx
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