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  1. I've been gluten free since The beginning of January. Got my period twice in December, and should be getting another now- have all the symptoms (slight cramps, headache, and emotional/moody) and my breasts are REALLY sore. That normally happens, but it seems worse now. I'm 23 today, and took a preg test (neg), and still no period! Did this happen with anyone?
  2. Love this! I get to feel like the Queen when my boyfriend and I go out or cook at home "we'll go/have whatever you'd like." And feel like daddy's little princess when he's cooking "anything to keep my baby happy." =)
  3. Don't give up! We all know it's frustrating (especially when you're dealing with people who don't understand). But that's what this is here for-because we do =) Just make sure you aren't getting CC. I've read alot also about topical products like lotions and shampoo and such, even dog food or cat liter. Maybe your body is just ultra sensitive and you're trying to find something to relate it to, and it's coincidental that it's meat? Or even marinades that have hidden gluten. You probably already know all this, but just in case. =) Also, how long have you been gluten free? Because I noticed that I'm having alot of ups and downs right now. (only been gluten free for a month) and for the past week I've had emotional fits after I've eaten. I felt like no matter what I ate or how much of it, I still felt unsatisfied. It was annoying, but today I've been okay =) so I'm assuming it was from my CC last weekend. Over all, I hope I at least eased your mind. Keep us updated and good luck!
  4. I also use Shopwell =) definitely worth getting an iPhone. It's as easy as scanning the bar code!
  5. Just adding in that I had left rub pain for MONTHS. Diagnosed as acid reflux, stomach ulcers, and anxiety. Have been off gluten a month and only had the pain the time I was glutened =) it's nice to know that others had this, and I hope that being gluten free will help you! Good luck and keep us posted. =)
  6. Yeah, when I Requested to get tested I had been gluten-free for a month just to try it and started eating gluten again during the holidays. My doctor said it was fine (got tested beginning of January) because I was eating gluten almost everyday for 6weeks. That was enough time for Tge antibodies to "buildup" or whatever. So I'm pretty sure a few mishaps won't effect you're hard work =)
  7. Hi! I've had the same problem for about 2 weeks now. I've been gluten-free for only a month, however. I haven't eliminated any other allergens or whatnot. I think I might try to though after reading these. What is recommended?
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