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  1. I have been buying more and more gluten-free food items, but have not converted completely. Because I am diabetic and cannot go hungry, I have resorted to buying gluten and dairy free cereal bars since i can't eat cereal w/ milk due to lack of time in the morning to make a proper breakfast and to wait around for 1-2 hours after incase I need to use the bathroom (yes, it has gotten to the point for me that before I eat any kind of meal, I have to know if I will have time after to use the restroom or else I will wait until later!). I'm still eating some gluten during lunch and dinner since I have time to relax incase I have to use the restroom. I don't think I need to be officially diagnosed. It's more about not really knowing when the symptoms are going to "strike" as some gluten food will be okay for me and others won't and would be nice if I just knew I was allergic or resistant to some kind of food. I don't want to give up all gluten food if unnecessary (e.g. no damages to my body). It's hard when I can eat bread one day and be fine, but then if I eat it the next day, I'm having severe pains.
  2. Hi everyone, I had made a previous post in which my blood test came back negative for Celiac Disease. I wanted to ask if this is typical for someone who has celiac disease - sometimes I am able to eat a food item containing gluten (such as bread) and be fine. Other times, I have to run to the bathroom almost immediately after consuming it. I have noticed that whenever I eat pizza (e.g. Round Table, Macaroni Grill, Mountain Mike's) , my stomach always makes noises, begins to cramp, and I always have diarrhea. However, the one time that I did not have to make a run for the bathroom after eating pizza was because it was gluten-free. This also goes the same with dairy products - I can eat cheese and be fine, but if I eat ice cream or drink milk, I'm often having to run to the bathroom with stomach pains. However, I do notice that even when I eat something with gluten or dairy and have no side effects after (immediately to 2-3 hours later), I always have diarrhea even if there are no stomach pains. What do you think this could be? If not celiac disease, what could these symptoms pinpoint to? I am also a Type 2 diabetic and my most recent blood tests came back stating that I am severely deficient in Vit D. Per doctor, I am taking vit d and calcium now. While looking online about Vitamin D, I stumbled across many websites stating that there is a link between vitamin D and celiac disease. When I asked my doctor this, he said, "Absolutely not." I'm not so sure... would someone have an answer to this? I want to demand a retest for celiac disease, but would like to know more facts and information, before speaking with my doctor. Thank you for all of your inputs! Jackie
  3. Just the TTG. I've written to her to let her know that my symptoms have come back, but am waiting for her response. I am hoping that she will run other tests rather than my initiating it, but I will if necessary.
  4. Hi everyone, My Tissue Transglutaminase IGG and IGA results came back tonight and it came back negative: TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE IGG 0.39 <0.90-Index TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE IGA 048 <0.90-Index I have been having the typical symptoms of Celiac Disease, but wasn't sure if it was from a medication for my diabetes. My doctor ordered for these tests to be done after 9 months of being on the medication and having constant diarrhea (up to 3-4 times a day), stomach making noses, painful cramps, nausea, vomiting, etc. The medication's side effects was only diarrhea and that should have subsided in 3-4 months after being put on it as my body got used to it. However, even previous to being on this medication, I always had problems with food and my stomach, but never thought too much into it. Since I have been off the medication 1 1/2 weeks ago and am still eating some type of gluten each day (since I heard you should stay on a gluten diet in case a biopsy needs to be done), I have not had diarrhea or stomach cramps until TODAY. And, it was strange to me, that I ate a pastry and was immediately knocked out and slept for 1 1/2 hours during the day. This hasn't happened since I've been off the medication and stopped eating huge amounts of gluten at once. Anyways, I was comparing others' negative result values with mine. I'm noticing that many had lower IGG and IGA results than mine. For example, an IGG result of 0.11 and IGA of 0.21. Both of my results are higher than the ones that I've compared with online. Does this make any difference even though mine and another's are less than the standard range of <.90 (as made by Kaiser)? As in, does my higher results mean that I may have a higher possibility of being gluten intolerant vs someone who has lower results? Or does it not matter since it's lower than the standard range. I apologize if these questions may sound like I'm crazy. I'm not looking to be diagnosed with this (who does?), but I'd just like to have an answer to why I may be having these symptoms. It would make me feel better just knowing that I may have some sensitivity to gluten, but not be officially diagnosed with celiac disease..and not just be clueless! Thanks! Jackie
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