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  1. I've seen a Gastro but it wasn't for that issue, it was for liver enzymes being elevated. My hospital "kaiser" has most specialist in the same hospital. Anything you recommend to visit? I've seen a neuro, migraine specialist, the GI, gotten an ultrasound, MRI's on my head (for the pain), gotten acupuncture.
  2. weirdly enough everything else is on the site BUT the celiac panels they did. they did one in 09, and another one this year in August, but it's not here. Only one I can find was in 08 and it said it was negative "Component Your result Standard range Units HELICOBACTER PYLORI IGG,SER,QN NEGATIVE NEGATIVE"
  3. I have a bunch but that would take up like 3-4 long posts LOL. And literally nothing has showed up. a while back some high cells in my gluten count came up, i forgot what they were called, but they weren't high enough and they did an ultrasound and couldn't see anything but a "lot of gas". and doctors haven't even considered allergy testing for me.
  4. Hello everyone, I am new here so bare with me.. This is pretty important to me, so if you can reply, that would be much appreciated. I am 21 years old, 5'10, 200lbs. So I have been in pain for the last 2 and a half years. It started with chest pains (burning sensations). They eventually went to my stomach and ribs, then to my head. It then has been in my arms, and hands (as of the last six months) and has now spread to my neck and spine/back. The doctor has done a bunch of blood work, MRIs on my head, 2 celiac tests with blood work but not much showing up. I don't know what to do, but it burns everywhere. My head is a bit different, and when the pain gets really bad it'll feel like there's something swelling in there *but there's not* and my ears will turn red. I had a different doctor before this one who thought I was crazy and tried to send me to a psychiatrist. This other doctor recommended it to, but he put me on klonopin cause he thought it was anxiety and he realized it wasn't working for me, and that I had nothing to be anxious about. I've lost 20lbs and don't feel any better at all.. I really need some advice.
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