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  1. Hi, this is my first post. I'm posting here out of desperation cause I haven't felt good since the beginning of Dec, and I'm having no luck getting answers from my primary care physician. My symptoms started with a general change in my bowel habits (loose and yellowish stools) and pain in my abdomen. I'm 40yrs old, 6'-2", and used to weigh 197lbs. I've since lost 15lbs without trying. Back when I first started to feel sick, I thought it may have been a colon issue (my uncle had polyps removed as well as part of his colon last year, and I later found out there was history of colon issues on that side of my family). I underwent a colonoscopy and endoscopy and everything came back normal. They performed a biopsy of my stomach and duodenum and tested for h.pylori and celiac disease, but the results were neg for both. I've had blood tests done inluding thyroid/amylase/lipase and all have come back negative. My Dr has basically said that medically he doesn't see anything wrong with me and that he doesnt recommend any further testing. I have times when I feel like I've turned the corner with whatever I have, only to have that sick feeling come back again. I'm at my wits end. My appetite lately is borderline ok - I feel as though I have to eat alot just so I can gain some weight. I feel like I'm losing this battle though and I'm slowly wasting away. My other symptoms are restlessness at night - I often wake up around 2-3am feeling fullness in my abdomen (sometimes I try to have a BM to try and alleviate it), have chills, and find it hard to go back asleep (I keep feeling my heart beat and start thinking of how uncomfortable I feel). I used to sleep soundly - now I'm up early cause I can't sleep. I have lower abdominal pain (just left of my belly button, that at times moves lower to my groin area) that usually comes about an hour or so after I eat, so I'm pretty sure its something to do with my abdomen during digestion. I usually feel crappiest most in the mornings. I often times feel a little dizzy, and have lack of energy. I find at times hard to concentrate on my work. I've had strange headaches - not migranes, just annoying pain from the top of my head down to my temples. I'm posting hear cause it seems to me that celiac disease may be something I might be experiencing after all. Could I have it even though I tested negative during my endoscopy biopsy? Is it worth it to get a one of these genetic tests done (Enterlab/MyCeliacId) to see if I'm even predisposed to getting celiac? Is there anything my GI dr can do to determine if I have it, other than what he's done already? If I start a gluten free diet now, will it affect any tests he can do in the future? My only worry about starting the Gluten-free diet is losing more weight than I already have. Have any of you lost alot of weight due to Celiac, only to have gained some weight back while on the gluten free diet? Are there any books you guys can recommend about what sort of foods I should eat or meals I can prepare? I don't know what else to do - the weight loss and the way I feel has just been consuming me. I have two little kids and a very loving wife and I'm constantly wondering if I have cancer or something. I don't want to 'wait it out' like my Dr suggests. I just want my life back. I feel so scared about going through this - something I can't get answers for. I now its dumb to say, but I hope I find that it is Celiac disease thats been affecting me this way so at least I can move fwd with trying to do something about it. Thanks for listening.
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