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After battling with very high blood pressure and the loss of all my teeth, I discovered that I have gluten intollerance or celiac disease. This all happened in a period of just one year. No one seemed to know what was wrong with me. Finally about one month ago I ate something and immediately felt ill and my blood pressure went through the roof.

After that incident, I read the label on the frozen orange chicken that I ate and found that it had gluten added. Since then I have stopped eating anything with gluten and I have already been able to stop the medication.

  1. I figured it out myself at 57. Had a horrible time last year. Super high blood pressure and all my teeth are gone. This happened all in a period of approx. 1 year. Avoiding gluten now for only about six weeks and have now stopped by high blood pressure medication. I am on the Gerson eating program. Dr. Gerson solved it all in the 1920's. It's all about diet. I wish I had known this earlier.
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