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  1. Thanks so much for this resource! My 3-year-old was just diagnosed, so I'll need something for preschool. THANKS! Lori
  2. Thanks for the info, but unfortunately those details on the website are out of date. I called the woman who ran the West Bloomfield ROCK and she was VERY helpful, yet there really is no group. I called a woman from Macomb Township as well today, so we'll see about that group -- if it's still functioning. I'm willing to drive, but it would certainly be nice to have something close (I'm in the downriver area, south of Detroit). Went to a great Gluten-Free Food Fair today at Hiller's Market in Plymouth, and also had great service and help at Total Health Foods in Wyandotte. A steep learning curve, and lots of info to process in the past 2 days!
  3. My 3-year-old daughter was just diagnosed (through her blood screening test) with celiac disease -- just 2 days ago. I found the Tri-County Celiac Support Group, but I'm wondering if there are other local Detroit-area parents dealing with young children and celiac. Thanks! Lori
  4. Hello all -- I'm brand new to the boards here, and brand new to the disease. My 3-year-old had blood work done, and two days ago her screening came back very high for celiac -- I wasn't shocked, as she's so tiny, and had actually lost weight. It's a little overwhelming now -- ALL this information, but I'm reading! We're just waiting for an appointment with a pediatric GI doc -- of course i couldn't get in for 5 weeks, which is WAY too long. My pediatrician is trying to speed that up, so hopefully Monday we'll have more information. Of course, due to my daughter's celiac and malabsorption issues, she's also anemic as well, which I know will correct itself once we get her on track -- we just can't wait another 5 weeks! I'm in the Detroit area, so we'll be heading to Children's Hospital with the DMC. I have found a wealth of resources online and locally for stores that sell gluten-free products. I'm having trouble finding any support groups (even online ones) for parents of small children -- especially locally. Anyone here from Michigan? Also -- what's difficult now is that we are NOT to change anything in her diet so as not to throw off the results when we see the GI specialist. It's very counterintuitive as a parent to continue feeding her gluten when you know that's what's causing her issues. Frustrating! Any help/advice would be appreciated. I'm still learning, obviously, so I don't know if we'll switch everyone to gluten-free completely. I also have a 5-year-old daughter and an 18-month-old son. This is our first experience with any sort of food issue or health problem or auto-immune disease, so there's a steep learning curve here. Thanks in advance for your advice -- Lori
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