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  1. my son david in a hypersensitive witch means he even smells anything with gluten and he has a reaction may it be a headache of an upset stomach he gets sick.he can not eat school lunches and i suggest you have your daughter stop as well. it's just to dangerous and there is cross contamination everywhere in a school lunch room. that being said my son has missed 28 days of school this year alone and is continuing to miss. it suck and yes it makes you feel like a bad parent but it is par for the coarse. we find out next week if we go back to mayo in minn. ( witch i hope to god we don't ) but we may have to. i am having trouble controlling the reactions and headaches and i just don't know what to do anymore he isn't growing and isn't gaining any weight so there really isn't much else we can do. so i really hope this helps and your daughter gets better .oh and just a little info. all company's change the ingredients from time to time in their food so make sure you read all labels all the time. so what might be gluten free this week may not be next week i have run into that problem as well from time to time and they don't have to put what is in their preservatives
  2. My son David has celiac disease and suffers from head aches/migraines we are having a very hard time controlling these head aches and have been on many meds now we are on a anti depressant that is meant to do both migraines and depression so far it has worked and but he is still getting head aches and very pail looking sooo i was hoping someone out there has a more natural approach to this and can give me some in site.
  3. i dont' know if i am responding right because i am new to this site. but my son david was diagnosed in sept of 09.he did well at first and then all that changed as time went on he developed colitis both in the esophagus and colon and illitas witch is a disease in the mussel in the stomach. now he is in pain with back and leg and joint everyday and all the symptoms we have been fighting for almost 3 years are back and he is getting sick all the time. now they think he is touch sensitive witch means if he touches gluten he can get sick.the problem is his body is collecting autoimmune diseases and the only way to stop that is to stop the immune system. he has already been on chemo drugs and now they may be putting him on full chemo so yes we are having some of the same difficulty's and the biggest problem i have ran into is the docs DON'T LISTEN!make them do the tests don't let them push you out the door with what they THINK is going on because 9 times out of 10 they are wrong and are doing more damage than good.the immune system is like the bowel they are the brats of the body and you must cater to them or in my case stop them all together. i hope this helps and i pray your babies get better.
  4. today is an interesting day david is doing well and i am cleaning don't know what i am doing on here yet but learning

  5. Hi my name is Karie and i am new to this. My son has celiac and he loooooves pizza and tacos. I don't know if there is a passport pizza where you live but here it is a life saver. See the problem with pizza in pizza places is the flour in the air it's there for 24 hours after you use it. So what passport does is it comes in it's own box and tray already they warm it up and cut it with a special knife witch they keep in a plastic bag.It never touches anything and never is in the same area they make the other pizzas and we have never had a problem.I'm sorry your having such a hard time but believe me once you learn all the tricks it will get better.As far as tacos go old elpaso taco seasoning is gluten free and the ortega taco shells are also add your toppings and you got tacos.I really hope this helps. get better fast.
  6. HI I am very new to this ( not the disease the site) i have a 12 year old son who has celiac for 2 years now and we are still not getting better. he is better than he was but is now starting to go back down hill.he is getting sick all the time and i think it has something to do with school. now i know what your thinking maybe he's faking because he doesn't want to go to school but for those of you who are symptomatic you know you can't fake this even if you tried. then i thought well maybe he is seeking food and his response to that was "you think i would do this to myself on purpose" needless to say his reactions are pretty extreme. so on to my question i found out paper is made up of 40% wheat pulp (read it somewhere on line) IS IT POSSIBLE PAPER IS MAKING HIM SICK AND IF SO WHAT ABOUT THE MILLION OTHER PRODUCTS WE DON'T EAT THAT CONTAIN GLUTEN. see the doctors say if he is touch sensitive then we have to return to mayo in minn. i am in mi. right now. that would cost us thousands and i just DON'T WANNA so please it you can help me i would greatly appreciate it. http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif
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