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  1. My husband, who has celiac, and I vacationed in Ocean City last summer and we had two good dining experiences. The first was at The Smokers Pit, a BBQ, in West Ocean city. My husband was able to get grilled chicken and eat the mashed potatoes. They were very friendly and answered all of my questions. You can email them or call them. The other was at the Shark, also in west ocean city. This was a fancy place that you need reservations for, but the food is amazing! Through my research I have found that because OC is such a tourist spot they are not very knowledgeable about being gluten-free. I also found that many places said that they could accommodate us, but they were not really too sure what I was talking about. My suggestion would be to avoid the places on the boardwalk and check out smaller spots, they seem to listen better. My family and I have been vacationing in OC for 20 years and love it. I hope you enjoy your trip and good luck with the food.
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