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  1. I need a little help...Ugh! My daughter (2 1/2) has gone from the 9th percentile to the 6th and now 3rd in the last yearish. Her belly is distended most of the time, always at the end of the night some nights way bigger than others. She is very clingy. Her poo floats which I have just notice because I have just started looking, not all of the time but the majority of the time. She has always had loose stool and sometimes goes many times during the day. Her limbs are thin. When I took her to the reg Dr (ped) to get her GI referral he took an xray and her stomach was full of air. Her symptoms seem to be worse when she drinks milk or has yogurt but she doesn't drink that much milk or have that much yogurt. Does anyone have anyone suggestions or advice?--
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