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  1. Hey Miserable Please give us an update. I'm new to this forum, and have similar symptoms as you. I have had the colonscopy and gastroscopy (at the same time!!) and I'm not celiac. I believe I may still have gluten intolerance. I am day 9 into a gluten/dairy/sugar free diet and am having diarrhoea days 5, 6, 7 and 9. I think raw nuts are causing my diarrhoea, so today I am cutting out nuts and tahini (which I was really enjoying!!!). Hopefully I'll see some improvement soon. I am 97kgs, 44, female and have suffered from IBS on and off for most of my adult life. I also suffer really bad back and period pain. 18 months ago I had a procedure which burned the inside lining of my uterus, so the period pain has lessened 90%. The back pain and IBS symptoms continue. This is my major last ditch attempt to work out my dietary intolerances, so I can deal with whatever I need to deal with. Sugar cravings are gone, I'm aiming to keep it that way! Love to hear an update of how you are going.
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