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  1. Thank you for the responses and the articles. I am still having some "bad" days which I think makes me question it a little bit, but I can't ignore the dramatic change on my "good" days. I figure I need to be patient, it takes a lot longer then 79 days to heal a body that has been sick for 13 years:)
  2. I'm in tears with you as I read this. I am the wife going through EXACTLY what you and your wife are going through right now, doctor, health etc. I can see the joy in my husband and kid's faces when I want to wrestle with my kids, play catch and actually SMILE and LAUGH now! Just 78 days ago I was someone I didn't even know anymore!
  3. For 13 yrs I have been nauseous, in the bathroom 7-10 times a day, felt like I was starting to death and slowly lost weight to put me below 100 lbs. I was blood tested for Celiac in 2005, negative. In November I started reading more on Celiac and how the blood tests in people were negative when they actually had it. So on November 20th, 2010 I removed all gluten from my diet and the change in my entire body is beyond incredible. I can tell I am still healing at day 79 but 100x better then I felt on the first day (with the exception of day 60 when I knew I ate cross contaminated food and was sick for 12 days). I decided to get tested with Dr. Fine at Enterolab, my results for the Anti-gliadin IgA and Casein were positive and my genetic testing showed DQ2 Celiac gene and DQ1 gluten sensitivity gene. I was not at all shocked that they were positive but I was shocked that I carry a gene for both. I faxed the results to my doctor only to receive a phone call basically telling me I am full of crap that there is no way this test is right and there is no way it was gluten making me sick. When I asked him what he thought brought about the dramatic change in my health he replied
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