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  1. Thanks for that, Im trying to do everything right. The problem is that celiac and gluten intolerence is not common where I live, suprisingly few has it in my country, its a mystery to doctors why. So she does not know anyone, and its hard to get gluten free products, I went to a large supermarked with my problem and they started to import Bob Reds Mill, it was great for me. Then I asked them about Maza Harina and they got that for me as well. I also shop on the internet someting and when I or friends or family are going abrod I led them buy for me some products, and most of my free time I read gluten free blog and recipis :-), I have sometimes thought about moving to another country where it would be easyer for her to live. Im trying to be an expert in my child, noone else will, and I will never forget how sick she was one year ago, when her thyroid was hyper and noone knew about the gluten. She has no skin problems, a year ago she was always sick and only 29 kg, and was getting sicker and sicker, now she is healthy and 46 kg, looking healthy and happy. This forum has been a great help for me,
  2. Thanks, that is exacly what I do, there is nothing with gluten in the house, we are all gluten free from the day she was diagnosed, at least at home, if we go to a restaurant we all eat gluten free as well, and her grandparents and family are also understanding and having partys with them is not a problem, there is always something there for her. Its only a problem when she is with friends, its not a problem at home. There is always something at home for her to take out and so on. I think I have done everything right, and she can read labels. But as i said, those accidents she has had, she has not shown any symptons, she is just fine. I will not give her enzymes to give her the message that it is okey to cheat, but if it helps if she cheats, I personally would feel better. She is 12 years old, its hard to be different at that age, and as I said she has Asperger and is realy hard trying to fit in and by social pressure she has done misstake. I know I cant control her completly, sometimes I wish that she would react to gluten and would get sick, then it would be easyer for her to understand what this is about.
  3. Hi everyone, my little girl, 12 years was diagnosed in january, she had been very sick and this is one of the things the doctors found out. She had hyperthyroidism or Graves disease and as well she has Asperger. Her Asperger is not bad, she is a very smart girl and has friends and loves it. When she was diagnosed with Graves and then Celiac she was very sick, now on her medcine her thyrod has gone stable and that and the gluten free diet has healed her body. She has but on 17 kg and that is not little for a person who is only 155 cm despite that she needs few more kilos, but at least she lookes like a normal child now. Well the question is, is it celiac or was it a mix of all this, she was skinny becouse of the thyrid was burning everything. I have been very careful about the diet but she has had accidents, and when that happens no symptons shows up, I cant see that she gets sick, she had a slice of pizza in a birthday party once and a wheet tortilla with friends at the mall.... she is careful about her food but yes she is only 12 years and its all about food when you are that age. How can I know, if it is realy a celiac or could it be a gluten intolerence... dont even know what Im asking you about I heard about some ensymez would that help if she has something with gluten in ? Its not often, has happened 4-5 times since was diagnosed and there is no gluten in the house but what she does with friends I cant realy control it
  4. Hi, im still learning to be gluten free for my doughter, when reading recipies its all kinds of flours, what is a must have in gluten free cooking/baking, instead of buying it all !!!!
  5. The problem is that in my country we dont have a large selection of gluten free grocerys, The only thing Ive seen is Cocoa Puffs, no Cocoa Pebbles and Fruit Pebbles where I live It kind of makes things harder to be unable to to buy things
  6. Hi, is Cocoa Puffs gluten free ?? reading mixed things about it, read the label and there is nothing on the box that should be gluten, I was told when my doughter was diagnosed that she could have that, but after reading about it Im having second thoughts, god, I hope it is gluten free, dont know how I should tell her if she cant have it
  7. Thank you so much ! I think you just saved my doughters mental health this is soooooo good and easy
  8. I wish I could buy a slow cooker or a crock pot in my country !!!!!
  9. Im also wondering how this is possible I try to read the labels but.. dont understand everything...
  10. Her problem and mine is that she did not have any symptoms of celiac, she has always been an anxiety child, thats her asperger, she has always been skinny and no stomick problems. She has been pale and has lost weight and been very miserable sincelast summer, the doctors took blod test and found outthat she had Graves disease, and also found out that she could have gluten intolerance. She was so sick that they could not examine that in hospital for more than month or until her thyorid hormone has got lower, dont know how to say that in english, but do the exam through her stomach, you know... to be sure it was celiac. It is celiac and a bad one they say. Yes, the problem is/was that she did not have any symptoms, or she had them mixed with other symtoms becouse of her thyorid or her asperger, its tripple for her, all three has anxiety, swings in mood and other things and she was almost dying from nutritional deficiency, she was eating all the time and all that did was sho lost weight. The body was screaming for nutrition, and the celiac was in the way and the little she got her hypothyorid burned that out. So I realy dont know, if she is sick by gluten or by something else, well its a world I will probably get used to, I just realy feel sorry for my little girl
  11. Hi Kolla!

    Just wanted to let you know I answered your post marked "Ok stupid"--and it is not stupid at all! :>).Don't worry--we are all asking lots of questions on here. Hope the bread recipe helps!

  12. Im from Reykjavik the capital of Iceland so also exscuse my english, the population in Iceland is 330.000 and as I said celiac diagnosed from doctor is very rear, the doctors dont know why, it might has something to do with our food. 24 children is suprisingly few and its also rear in adults. So it kind of makes things complicate, most people dont know what Im talking about when I talk about celiac, and sais well its no proplem to skip wheat you can use spelt ! And its hard to find special products and they are hilarius exspensive if you find them. Thank you all for your advise, I spend most of my free time reading gluten free blogs, this forums and other websides about celiac, tryed to bake a gluten free bread - it was horrible, but made some waffels, very good
  13. Thank you all, Im not worried about her at home, and not at school, she takes food from home to school, and there is nothing in the house with gluten we all stopped eat gluten at least at home (dont know what my 19 year old does outside the home). But she is only 11 years old and has also asperger syndrome and as I said at the same time the doctors found out about the gluten they also diagnosed her with Graves disease. It is strange, but where I come from celiac is very rear and there are not many special gluten free products. In my country there are only 24 children diagnosed with celiac by doctor !!!!!! Im worried if she is in a friends house and would have something, what would happend, Im still learning, trying to find out how to read the labels in the store and so on. About the mood, Im not sure, Im not sure what is what, what is her Asperger, what gluten or what Graves, all has similar symtoms,Children with hyperthyroidism tend to have greater mood swings and disturbances of behavior. The doctors are promising me that after some time she will be better, when the medicines for Graves has worked and no gluten in her diet, in the meantime im okey. Im trying to do my best and Im so sure you all can help me with my girl.
  14. Hi everyone, Im new to this world, my girl recently was diagnosed with celic and Im trying to find things out, I live outside USA and where I come from there are not many special gluten free products. Can you tell me what harm a small amount of gluten does to her, she was diagnosed also with graves disease so I not sure I know what was the gluten and was graves.... What Im trying to say is ofcourse I give her gluten free diet, but if she is in a friends house and eats something she is not suposed to eat what will that do to her ?? thanks so much for reading
  15. I am from Iceland, where the whole population is just over 300.000, its very hard to get gluten free products here. And to import them should also be exspensive, Im in the middle of the Atlantic ocean !! I have been considering since my girl was diagnosed to go to UK and shop gluten free products for her. Looks very good on their websides and not as exspensive as here.
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