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  1. It's true - Asafoetida (hing), a common spice in Indian cooking, nearly always contains wheat flour. http://celiact.com/blog/gluten-free-spices/ I would add this is the reason why we have the forums. It's easy enough to say, "it should be safe," but you shouldn't make statements (like some of the above comments) without checking facts first.
  2. I also find that I lose my appetite near my period, and crave dark chocolate, recently. Over the last 6 mnoths I also have prolonged muscle soreness after exercising. I have heard many women say that they crave soymilk before their period. (Or, as for me, dark chocolate . I wonder if this is the body's way of trying to get more magnesium to reduce uterine cramping, as soybeans are one of hte top 10 magnesium-rich foods. In any case it is interesting to hear your testimony about this.
  3. Hi there, I lost weight too (20lbs in 4 months) on the paleo diet. Bananas were about the only thing that helped (large amounts of sesame oil, bacon, etc had no effect on my weight). After about 6 months I slowly added in some dairy (ice cream is suppsed to be more easily digestible, for some reason), potatoes, and finally gluten free grains. I think being off that stuff let my body heal so it could absorb it again. Cultured butter might be useful - not paleo but easy to digest.
  4. Yes, yes and yes! I began investigating adrenal fatigue 6 years ago due to hypoglycemia and insomnia. I was told by 3 or 4 alternative healt practitioners that my adrenals were weak. 6 months of licorice root and thyroid supplements led to heart palpitations and worse insomnia. I gave up on the alternative practitioners and had an ACTH stim test on Feb. 14 which showed my adrenals were weak but not too weak, whatever that means. On March 14th I was diagnosed formally with celiac disease. One thing that I find interesting is that, according Dr. Wilsons site, adrenal fatigue can cause or worsen food allergies. So if you consider the number of celiacs who have food allergies, and the inflammation caused by celiac itself, it would make sense that the bodys cortisol supply migt become drained. Personally I am allergic to dairy, peanuts, soy and have a reaction to chicken, pork, tuna, almonds and maybe rice (god I hope not). I am here looking for the best way to handle this. My family doctor referred me to an endocrinologist due to the abnormal ACTH results. I am in the process of a slew of tests to determine if I have congenital adrenal hyperplasia, haschimotos, or metabolic syndrome. It will be interesting when he rules these out (which I think he will, lol) to see if he acknowledges the gray area between working adrenals and complete adrenal insufficiency. To good health! Andrea
  5. Hello, I saw a couple posts on this but they are old, so thought Id see if any new members can relate. I have been hypoglycemic since about 2004. Discovered wheat, dairy, and soy allergy in August 2010. Gluten free since Dec. 2010 and have many symptoms including unexplained loss of periods and osteoporosis. In Jan. 2008 I began eating meat (after about 4 years of vegetarianism) and my periods started again. Since then I am back to a healthy weight but I cannot go a day without eating meat. I eat meat for breakfast (eggs or sausage) lunch and dinner and if I get less than what I need, my blood sugar is low for several hours, I feel extremely hungry and weak and cannot sleep well. Struggling to provide this expensive, time-consuming diet is what led me to ask my holistic chiropractor about gluten. Based on her applied kinesiology and my experience of my eczema completely disappearing when off gluten, I believe I am probably gluten intolerant. Anyhow, I am wondering if your hypoglycemia has gotten better or gone away since going gluten free? Thanks so much! And I look forward to being part of this community. Andrea
  6. Hello, glad to find someone with the same dilemma Im in... I have only been gluten free for 6 weeks but my eczema has disappeared and my digestion is improving. I have considered different reasons to get a formal diagnosis. For one, I would be able to give a name to my various health challenges. Second, and more important, I think I would have more support from my doctor as I go through the journey of recovery. Among the symptoms I have heard of, are yeast infections, fatigue, brain fog, and ataxia. Yikes. So my question is, does the risk of complications outweigh the pain of re-damaging ones digestive tract? Certainly, the longer I wait, the longer it will take for my body to produce wheat antibodies again. But I am so eager to feel better that I almost dont care. ???
  7. Hello, youve probably resolved your issue by now, but I wanted to add for the record: I have experienced muscle weakness for the last 3-4 years if I do not eat enough protein. Just discovered my gluten intolerance a few months ago after 3 years of infertility and early onset osteoporosis. If I do not eat protein (in adequate amounts)at lunch and dinner, I get shaky and weak for 30 minutes to hours afterward. Fortunately I do not htink this is as severe as it is for some, but possibly related to malabsorption of protein. I look forward to learning more!
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