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  1. I was wondering if someone could give me advice on the whole celiac/gluten sensitivity issue and my situation. I have done gluten-free diets and not felt any relief from my GI symptoms: CONSTANT 24/7 bloating, pain nausea, acid reflux and constipation. I am sick every single minute of every day. I am always so bloated I am in pain. Nothing I do seems to help (and I have tried a lot). I went on a gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free diet for almost three months and did not feel better. Later, I did (Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned) testing and avoided all the food s that it said to including all wheat (it said I was allergic to gliadin, so I stayed away from gluten too), diary, white sugar, and a whole passel of other foods. After two months I felt exactly the same; I didn
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