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  1. Hey everyone! I just got a Zojirushi bread machine and I'm looking for good recipes. While I will love anything that you post I got it because now I'm not the only one in the family with celiac. I'm wanting to stay away from mixes bc they are more expensive AND since its my son if you've got anything that lets me sneak in nutrition that would be a plus too. I promise everyday bread machine recipes are good to because up until now I only bought the occasional gluten-free loaf at the store so anything (including tips!) is helpful.
  2. I was diagnosed with celiac nearly 5 years ago now and my one year old immediately showed signs of celiac when we introduced wheat into his diet so we've had a lot of practice with keeping him gluten free. I'm the only person in my family who has been diagnosed with celiac disease (my son is undergoing "official" testing now). My mom thinks that its possible her father had celiac but he passed away ten years before I was born and he was never tested. While celiac can be genetic their is emerging research that is showing it can also be triggered environmentally. Also, unfortunately, there are no 100% sure fire symptoms of celiac disease (thats why its hard to diagnose), it manifests itself in many different ways other than GI problems. Example: A women in my celiac support group has biopsy proven celiac, she has NEVER had GI problems, however whenever she has gluten she gets sever migraines. Before her diagnosis she spent a lot of time in the hospital getting IV pain medication for them. When I called Gerber about their rice cereal I was told that they make all of there baby cereals in the same facility and that they could not guarantee that the rice cereal was free from contamination. I made about half of my sons baby food at home and the rest I got from Beechnut which he never had a problem with (including the rice cereal). Beechnut actually has on their website which ones of their product are gluten free and which ones aren't. He is currently on to finger foods and before we had to get him back on gluten for testing Kixs, Chexs, and Mum-Mums were staple snacks as other posters have suggested.
  3. When I hit puberty I started getting migraines as well... I wasn't diagnosed until I was 23 with celiac disease but to this day if I have caffeine or sugar substitutes (ie "the blue stuff" or "the pink stuff") I get a migraine. There are a million and one things that could be triggering the migraines so elimination diet is probably the key even though they are hard. Good luck!
  4. Hey everyone! I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2006 so I've learned how to handle it for myself. However, it seams that my son who just turned one likely has it too. We are currently going through the testing to confirm however the symptoms immediately showed up when we introduced wheat into his diet so until recently we had been keeping him gluten-free. His doctor didn't want to test him until he was at least one so we recently put him back on gluten to get accurate reading and let me tell you it hasn't been fun. I'm writing for guidance when it comes to dealing with kids who have celiac bc I wasn't diagnosed till I was 23. Maybe its because I am cheap but I just "naturally" became not much of a bread eater or I probably only make gluten-free brownies twice a year now instead of once every two weeks pre-diagnosis. First, I dont want my son to feel restricted and 2) At this age he wants to check out EVERYTHING thats new and different so I need to be able to make stuff for him that looks like the other kids stuff when it comes to food. His day care supplies food for the kids and when their is an allergy involved they make the appropriate substitutions in the class. However, providing wheat products is a federal mandate so they have to do that and I have been been supplying the substitutes. The making the bread thing I have down with my Zo bread machine that I bought once we started suspecting he had celiac disease as well. However is their a better way than storing two to three different zip-lock bags of bread in the refrigerator? Also, has anyone found a substitute for gold fish? They use them and my son is always after them and I havent been able to find something similar so he will be less interested. If you have any other tricks up your sleeve I would love to hear them bc I seem to be discovering new things I've never thought about every day
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