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  1. This is interesting to read. Besides Lactose intolerance, fatigue seems to be my only other physical symptom. (I also suspect depression and anxiety, but have not been able to prove that.)My entire life I have been a very tired person. It was all difficult to figure out because I have also worked the nightshift for the past 5 years. I would be so tired intermittently.So because of this, I got tested. Now that I have been attempting to be gluten-free I notice more of the connection.
  2. I agree with many of the other posts. If you concentrate on replacing gluten, it will be more expensive. I find it's a little harder to plan easy meals with variety. I have subscribed to cooking light and the Tablespoon and some others I can't remember. I browse those recipes that are gluten free. I have found many very tasteful recipes. I do agree that if you are trying to replace gluten containing meals with gluten free products, it does get expensive. As I've stated in my other previous posts, that it's the inconvenience when you are not home that I struggle with most. I have some staples that I keep stocked which is brown rice flour, gluten-free breadcrumbs and Quinoa. Quinoa is expensive, but I love it and use it as a pasta in soups and in place of rice when I get sick of rice. I use corn tortillas at times but only like them occasionally Rice tortillas are good too for wraps. I too am an avid coupon shopper and am somewhat resentful at how expensive gluten-free products are. I do find some very useful coupons also, as another person posted things like corn tortilla can be very cheap on sale with coupons, there are many coupon blogs that do the work for you. Just read them.
  3. The breadsticks sound good. I am not familiar with the Glutino. Is it already made? Another challenge I have is that my daughter also tested as milk allergic. So I have to keep Dayia, and other dairy free ingredients on hand, again because it's not sold at any local stores where I live. I usually cook meals without dairy or gluten but having options like the dairy free cheese gives us more selection.
  4. Thanks everyone for all the support. I have done much research on restaurants and foods to purchase, it's the inconvenience. I was at the mall for much of the day, of course you get hungry, I packed some snacks but they weren't enough. So basically it's salad. Chinese would be a good option, but one day my daughter who has Celiac, asked about their plain rice. The communication is difficult with these restaurants and they said "no just plain rice". When she got the rice she said that it had some kind of thickness to it. She ate it because she was so hungry then became sick shortly afterwards. I guess I'm just complaining. The reason I have such an issue with the convenience is because it's too easy to cheat when you only get minor symptoms. I honestly feel I will never be completely Gluten free because of this.
  5. I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity 10/09. I was always feeling tired and fatigued and I am lactose intolerant, which I'm told often accompanies gluten issues( I've experienced depression for many years and wonder if there is a connection.) I attempt to follow the gluten-free diet,but it is so hard! The social aspect of this is most difficult. I have tolerable symptoms,and socially it is so difficult to follow, because I feel many people are insensitive to others with allergies.(especially if others know they are not life threatening) Our group get togethers go something like this..."Hey were all going to meet at my house and have pizza". I feel akward bringing it up as often as it is necessary. The dilemmas I am faced with are: I often don't want to stay Gluten free, but have been told that even though I have few symptoms, it does a lot of damage to your body. I don't want more issues to face in the future, but want to be normal. I'm so frustrated by how gluten is in EVERYTHING! Shredded cheese, chicken broth etc.. are you kidding me!I don't live in the vicinity where a healthfood store is convenient. So cooking is project if I haven't stocked up on basics like gluten-free bread crumbs and chicken broth. Lastly, I feel these alternative foods are manufacturer's way of getting rich. It's so unbelievably expensive for such small amounts. I try to use everything from scratch but sometimes I need convenience foods. Thanks for letting me vent!
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