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  1. He had a bunch of stool testing for parasites at the same time as the bloodwork - all negative.
  2. My name is Lisa and I have 2 children - a 4 y.o. girl and a 20-month-old boy, Ben. At about one year of age, shortly after he was weaned, Ben's growth started to slow down. He also developed digestive issues and rhinitis. He has only gained one pound since his first birthday, and has only grown about one inch in that time too. He is currently 23 pounds and only 30.5 inches tall. He is now under the 3rd %ile for height and down to about the 15th for weight. From birth to age one he was always around the 50th %ile for both. To look at him he looks like an average one-year-old and still wears some 6-12 month clothing. Our daughter is very tall and well proportioned. Ben is tiny - his hands, wrists, feet (only size 4!), arms and legs are so small. I seriously think he's suffering from some kind of malabsorption. He eats a TON, by the way, and gets a lot of healthy variety in his diet. He constantly swings back and forth between constipation and diarrhea. The diarrhea is always the same - large, messy poops containing a lot of undigested food. He has been fighting one infection or another for months - usually ear infections. He is actually having his adenoids out tomorrow. Our doctor says there's nothing wrong with him and his growth is fine. I asked her to test him for celiac and the ttg came back normal, although he had elevated platelets and eosinophils. Does anyone know if thick, yellow toenails (looks like fungus) are seen in children with digestive problems, malabsorption, or food sensitivities? I have also read that the ttg test isn't reliable in children his age, but I don't know what to do. I'm convinced that he is at the very least sensitive to wheat/gluten, but no doctor wants to touch him with a 10 foot pole (for allergy testing) because of his age. Does anyone have advice how to bring up the subject of allergy testing with doctors? I'm so confused. I want my son's problems taken seriously. Everyone just brushes it off with "Oh, grandpa was short" or "Don't worry, he'll catch up". Each month that goes by he falls further and further behind.
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