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  1. Eosinophils cirrculating in the blood are not always elevated in eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease. Both of my children have normal lab work. My youngest son presented with chest pain, vomiting, and reflux like symptoms. Biopsies of his esophagus and some other areas showed the eosinophils in the tissue. I do not know if there is a link but the report from the villi biopsy looks identical to that of a celiac. I do not know how they make a distinction (or if they do) between the two.
  2. Why are the reference ranges different for different labs? My son has very infrequent bowel movements (but he's not constipated and does not experience stomach pain; just gets distended and IRRITABLE!). He eats a very healthy diet, lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, and water. I would like to rip the pediatrician's head off for always telling me all kids' gi problems are related to their diet. Anyway, deamidated gliadin igg was 7 and deamidated iga was 2. According to quest labs, this is negative. I found other labs online (pediatric children's hospital in minnesota) that says 7-10 is equivical. His HLADQ2 was positive and nothing else in bloodwork is remarkable for celiac. One family member (deceased) who claims she had celiac sprue. Our lives are already flipped upside down because our other son has severe food allergies/eosinopohilic disease so yes, it is a big deal to pull wheat if it's not the problem. Can someone please help us. How long would we have to be gluten free to notice a difference in bowel habbits and behavior issues?
  3. According to Quest anything under 20 is negative but I've seen other stuff online that says 7-10 is suspicious. I dont know enough about it to even know if it's the same test. I also don't know if age is a factor. Who tests the rashes? Dermatologist, Gi, Allergist?
  4. Iodine is a huge trigger for DH, both in iodized salt, shellfish,and whatever other foods it occurs in naturally. Funny because I just switched to iodized salt because I was concerned about his thyroid due to our family history. He has eczema, but he also gets sores on his face and neck that look blistery and are terribly itchy. He's had 3 or 4 of these patches over the last few months. He scratches them raw and then they get oozy and gross. He also just started getting little sores mostly on his back that look like little bites. There are a few on his legs too. Last year while on omnicef he broke out in blisters all over his body including his lips. We think it was an ellergic reaction to the omnicef. I was concerned that the deamiated(SP?)gliadin was 7 and not 0 but someone commented the other day that it can bind or react to other things. We are going for a brain and lower spine mri on monday to try and figure out the constipation, fatigue, and arm & leg pain.
  5. Anti-gliadin antibodies (AGA) both IgA and IgG Anti-endomysial antibodies (EMA) - IgA Anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies (tTG) - IgA and IgG Total IgA level Deamidated Gliadin Peptide (DGP) Antibodies, IgA & IgG (this is a newer test) Can all of this be in a normal range but still have celiac? His most recent test was the deamidated gliadin which I think was 7. I have a very constipated 4 year old with lots of celiac symptoms including a positive hla dq2 and family history. Gi has pretty much ruled out celiac but I'm still wondering. Considering having his random rashes checked. What is the normal pattern for dh? Does it come and go? What are the triggers if you're still eating gluten? Thanks.
  6. I'll try to keep this short but informative. I have two boys, our youngest (3) has eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease and lots of food allergies. His symptoms at diagnoses were almost all opposite our 4 1/2 year old. My oldest has been constipated since he was several months old although he never has hard bm's he just doesn't go often. He gets very bloated, distended, and irritable. He had a period of diarrhea when he was two that lasted for months. He has some food and environmental allergies but mostly seafood. He is currenlty eating dairy and wheat because they didn't show positive on any testing (yet). Family history of 2 possible celiacs, 1 diagnosed by a dermatologist, the other on his own throgh trial and error. Most recent bloodwork shows HLA DQ2 positive and gliadin igg is 7, gliadin iga is 2 (quest) and elevated creatine although probably not related. GI has once again said no celiac (yet) because gliadin levels would be over 20 per quest labs. My question is...shouldn't his gliadin numbers be 0? I sort of thought the antibodies are either there or there not. I found something from the children's hospital of minnestoa that says under 7 is negative, 7-10 is equivocal, and over 10 is positive. I'm not certain it's the same test and I don't know what unit of measurement quest uses. The children's hospital says ml. I tried to call quest labs to ask if they account for a person's age but couldn't get an answer. I know I can do a gluten free trial and probably get the answers we need but he also has a lot of other bizzare symptoms and if they are not related to celiac, I need to keep looking for answers. He experiences bone pain in arms and legs, fatigue, bed wetting, occasional gray hairs, eczema, headaches, and frequent resp. infections. I'm going to request labs for type 1 diabetes but I would love some feedback on our crazy kid. Thanks!
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