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  1. Hello Everyone, First of all I wanted to thank you all for sharing your advice, your stories, and your time on this forum because it's definitely helped me out a lot. It's been really good for me to hear stories similar to mine and share in those experiences with people as I honestly do not know people around me who suffer from the issues we do or can even sympathize with what's going on. Even your signatures are encouraging to me because it lets me see how I'm not the only one! My signature should disclose my discoveries thus far. So here is my dilemma. I have had several appointments, out of pocket, with a nutritionist who in my experience with had initially been positive but in terms of progress had become negative. I'm very thankful the nutritionist discovered my intolerances and showed me the link of emotional issues/depression to the gut ... But she has not really advised me much beyond the elimination process and it has now been about four months. Now I am developing intolerances to the foods I have been eating in the elimination process (which I was warned about). This nutritionist has also consistently recommended (until I negatively reacted often enough times) supplements that contain ingredients my IGG showed! I thought that to be odd, I was told they were "bio-available" therefore I should not react to them, which I did not understand, and oh boy did I react to them. One had parts of soy in it (MediClear), the other was called "Juice Plus" containing more than one element of foods I am allergic to (which this company just seems shady with no details of the amount of what's inside the capsules except food, and does pay the people who recommend it. On it are pictures of pineapples and other fruits and veggies that I have allergies to like kiwi). The other product was "Heartburn Free" which resulted in reactions because I'm allergic to oranges. I also used another product they personally make and had issues with it so had to stop taking it. I kept good faith for a while but I'm definitely staggering along now and fairly discouraged, especially because I'm paying out of pocket and I'm not getting answers to my questions regarding my issue. Now I am doing even more studying and investigation myself but am short in understanding and resources. I know no one is perfect but I want to hear input from people who are more seasoned in these matters. And doctors, well you're all too familiar with that. I've been to plenty. I have a history of GERD and Barrett's, healed by God's grace. They either don't believe in food intolerances like this, tell me "I'm fine" run bloodwork that checks out, scream "quick get back on antacids that give you more heartburn!" blah blah waste of my life blah BLAH! Two problems... 1. I don't know which to go to (Doctor/Nutritionist/Both?) and who specifically could help in my area. I have insurance. If you could be as specific as possible with your recommendations (Name/Practice) and your personal experiences would be worth gold. I would really appreciate it as I plan on making the decision very soon and am waiting to hear from this forum before I go out to make appointments again. 2. And I don't know what the next step is beyond elimination ... and it seems I have less time than I thought since I am developing issues with rice which was my substitute. I was told I will not get better by just removing foods but need to repair. I know the four steps only by name but don't know anything else about them or how to tackle them. Any info, other threads, or resources you have for someone like me please let me know. I have been taking enzymedica digest gold which has allowed me to eat more normal portions of food but that's my latest positive discovery. Please also let me know if I should repost this question in another area of the site for the best amount of responses. Thank you so much!
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