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  1. My daughter (8 yrs old) has allergies to nuts, orange juice and various animals. She is lactose intolerant. She has asthma. When she was 3 she was diagnosed with atypical mycobacterial infection. She had to have her lymph node drained and was on antibiotics for 3 months. At age 5, she had tonsils and adenoids removed She has been very pale. This was something we experienced prior to having tonsils and adenoids removed. She has been very cranky and tired. Her asthma has become worse. She has been sick for quite a few days since school started in September. After visiting our doctor, she ran blood tests. Her vitamin D was low, her B12 and folate were very high. The doctor decided to run celiac disease tests. Here are the results: tTG-IgA 1.6 EMA-IgA <0.1 AGA-IgA 2.3 AGA-IgG 3.1 Total serum IgA 53 Her doctor was concerned with the low serum IgA. She is currently speaking with to a pathologist to review this. My concern is that her tests results for celiac are invalid because of the low serum IgA. Also could she have deficient IgA, another autoimmune type disease? I appreciate any info and clarification.
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