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  1. I'm new to this forum and so happy to have found it! I recently discovered that my son and I are gluten intolerant. My son was properly diagnosed with a couple of blood tests but the doctor wanted total confirmation, by putting him back on a diet with gluten for 6 months and then conducting an intestinal biopsy. My husband and I opted to forego the 6 months of torture to our little guy and just went ahead and began a gluten free diet for him. At the same time to support his new dietary restrictions, I too went gluten free and found that after years of suffering various skin rashes and phantom inflamation flares from swollen knees, wrists and feet, to year long bouts with Iritis, that I too felt much better. We have been living gluten free for a year of so now and my son and I are finally feeling healthy. Recently, I did a paper mach
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