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  1. THe organic beef sold in the butcher case, not frozen. They use to sell Thousand HIlls, which were grass fed, I believe. THe new meat is grain fed, by Kirkland. Same price, very different product. I did send a note, and called. However, the assistance at the call center was not too helpful. I wanted to know if the meat was processed on its own line, and ground on its own line. THe gal tried to help , but shared she had 10 pages to go through and would take alot of time, however, 20 seconds later, she shared, she didn't think so because she didn't see anything written. That was not a solid answer. Thank her for her time, and will try someone else at the company. We have elimanted the meat and tried a different brand that we know to be safe, see what happens. Thank you for your time and feedback
  2. We experienced gluten big time at five guys. I think it depends on how sensitive you are and the training of the staff. We watched the glove change and called out allergy, however, in thinking back, we don't know what was put on the surface area before we came in. We like Five Guys, and hope it works for those who can tolerate. Please know, for those who have severe sensitivity, there are many variables that come into play. We asked the even changed the spatula, still a very bad reaction. Thank you
  3. We like Coscto and their products. We are asking if anyone has had reactions to using their organic hambuger by Kirkland, it is a newer brand for the meat. We switched and have been having issues. We have a son, who is very sensitive, and he had reactions. We eliminated other sources, and reintroduced the meat again. The only product reintroduced to him, and then he had a reaction. I am in the process of contacting the company. Again, we appreciate costco and all they do, as they offer gluten-free items in their store. We are interested to see if anyone else had reactions to prodcuts by kirkland. Greatly appreciate the feedback. We also were trying to discover about their spices, but have left them out for the meantime. On a side note, we also discoverd, Spice World Garlic in oil, has cc issues with soy. For those who react to soy as well. Thank you again, this board is a life line at times.
  4. I am looking for a resource, for adolescent who is gluten sensitive and possible celiac as well as behavioral changes when eating gluten, severe depressio. We reside in The twin Cities area and have not been successful in meeting a doctor who can help us sort through the testing and information. Greatly appreciate a resource. Thank you
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