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  1. I haven't dismissed thyroid at all, in fact I have been taking thyroid meds for the past ten years (under-active), but they have done nothing for the exhaustion or diarrhea. That did abate when I removed all carbs from my diet for a year or so. I did feel better then. Ten years ago, after naturopatic treatment, I already knew that I had "problems" with wheat (oats too), as well as soy, and a few other things. But since no one told me outright to eliminate it entirely, I failed to do that. I think I've been paying the price ever since. Not sure if I can get the Italian health care system to spring for DNA testing. I think I'll just self-treat for now with diet and keep an eye on my thyroid hormones too. All of those systems are inter-related, right?
  2. Not younger - my menopause was right after the (lucky) birth of my son in 1987, last period in 1986, and I'm 52 now. I was menopausal for three years before I went to the endo to find out what was up. I always say that if I got pregnant the baby would have to be Jesus' little brother or sister....
  3. 52 and drained. Lots of recent upheaval but aching to have a better mid-life, or maybe final third?? Nice to be part of this community.

  4. Doc said it was definitely NOT celiac disease, but possibly some mild gluten sensitivity. The endocrinologist just ignored it entirely. I'm so relieved I want to cry. I know it's not an easy diet, and I will really really miss bread etc, but if it'll help, I'll do it. All I wanted was someone to tell me I wasn't dreaming it or exaggerating symptoms. All this time I've been thinking it was my thyroid, or something even nastier that would explain it all, especially the early menopause (at 29). Maybe this is that cause. My thanks to all of you!
  5. I may be making all of this up, except the early menopause, loss of hair, thyroid roller-coaster, diarrhea for years and muscle cramps in my feet that never quit.....but what the heck! Main issue: extreme and constant exhaustion. All auto-immune tests recently came back negative, thyroid treatment under review, female hormones non-existent (but I don't really miss them too much). I currently live in Italy - not easy if you might have gluten issues, but many here manage it. I had some celiac tests done recently and cannot interpret the results well. Can someone give me a hand? Antibodies anti Endomisium IgA Negative (neg for values below 1:10) Antibodies anti Gliadin IgA 33* U/ml (adults <25) Antibodies anti Gliadin IgG 3,12 U/ml (adults <25) Antibodies anti Transglutaminase IgA 8,21 U/ml (0-20) The guy at the lab told me I was not allergic but that I did have some sensitivity to gluten. So, does this all mean that I can go my merry way eating gluten or that I should remove it entirely, or neither? Looking forward to your opinions and counsel!
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