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  1. I'm just starting to change my house over to gluten free... I have pure vanilla in my house that has alcohol in it? Is that gluten free? It doesn't say wheat, etc but obviously alcohol is made from grain. Do we need to avoid all things with alcohol in them? Help? LilDebMom
  2. No one has any thoughts... perhaps it is an allergy symptom rather than Celiac/gluten if no one has experienced the ear & throat itching.. hmmm I guess I need to be patient and wait for results.
  3. My 9 year old son had a slightly positive celiac blood panel and this week had an endoscopy. We won't have the results of the endoscopy biopsies for several weeks and apparently there was not any visible Celiac damage that the dr saw. She did see excessive stomach acid and prescribed him a medication for that. He has had reflux, stomach cramps and pains and diahrrea & loose stools for probably about a year - that is what finally led us to get tested. He is somewhat skinny for his age - about 61 pounds and 9 years, but doesn't eat well either. He has recently noticed that his throat and ear itch after he has "Frosted Mini Wheats" (his favorite) for breakfast. He also occassionally has immediate stomach pains with breakfast.. Are those possible symptoms of Celiac or maybe more of an allergy? Last week, he was skin allergy tested for the 8 most common allergens (including wheat) and was negative on everything. So, at this point we are just waiting for biopsy results, but I'm trying to figure things out. I did buy some gluten-free cereal that he had today and he said he did not itch or have pain - so maybe that is the answer.. Just curious, if the itching & immediate stomach pain is related to Celiac or an allergy? Thanks Debbie
  4. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I don't have a print out of the results and was a little overwhelmed when I received the call from the dr. I believe the dr said with both the Iga and Igg levels anyting less than 11 was negative...so he did test positive for both Iga (12) and Igg (30) but I don't know how high the scale goes.. The other two factors (Ttg & ?) - he was negative.. Does that sound like he does indeed have Celiac Disease?
  5. My 9 year son was recently tested for Celiac Disease and has now been referred to a GI specialist. I was hoping someone could help me interpret the results. Iga = 12 Igg = 30 and apparently ttg and the 4th factor were normal (don't know the numbers). His pedi would not confirm or deny if these blood results mean celiac disease and I'm a bit confused with all that I have read. I understand that aditional testing might be required - but I just need to get an understanding on what these results mean. Also are there varies degrees of the severity of celiac disease? or if you have or have it and you must go gluten free? The pedi did advise not to change my son's diet until after we have seen the GI specialist. However, he also tested positive to a moderate (low moderate) allergy reaction to milk. The dr said I could start trying different milks (ie, soy or rice) with him though.. does that sound ok with you all even if does have Celiac or should I wait until after he sees the GI specialist? Any other advise on what to ask or expect at the GI dr would be great.. Thanks LilDebMom
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