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  1. Also, wanted to add that since that post, I have had HORRIBLE stabbing pains in my lower abdomen and "D"...Going back gluten-free IMMEDIATELY!!! This is clearly not "in my head"...It's sad that we all have to sit here and question ourselves over and over and OVER. It's maddening!
  2. Hi, I hate that I even have to post on here for answers but am glad I am able to. My GI doc didn't feel it necessary for a follow up appointment to go over my results. Instead, based off my HIDA scan, is sending me off to a surgeon for my gallbladder to be removed. I am still waiting on my blood work, but while at the hospital I picked up my endoscopy pathology report. It reads: Sections of stomach show a mild infiltrate of small lymphocytes in the lamina propria. No neutrophils in glandular epithelium, goblet cells, or glands lined by stratified and hyperchromatic nuclei are seen. A:Duodendum biopsy: Essentially unremarkable duodenal mucosa. No accute inflammation,ulcer, celiac disease, or dysplasia seen. B:Stomach biopsy: Mild, chronic gastritis. No accute inflammation, ulcer, intestinal meta plasia or dysplasia seen. Hellicobacter pylori is negative. Anyone else have similar report only to have the gluten-free diet help? I am still waiting on blood work results, however, on Monday I eliminated gluten. My stomach has been QUIET, I haven't been "C", my gallbladder hasn't STUNG me, but the most significant change was after I eat, I haven't gotten super fatigued and gotten a headache. for a few years now, I randomly will feel like I am coming down with the flu: headache, foggy brain, glassy eyes, super tired and sometime sore throat. But as quickly as it comes, it seems to go. And after keeping a food journal once my gallbladder started acting up, I started putting the pieces together. Well, after 4 days of being gluten free, today out of stupidity I suppose, I was just CRAVING gluten. I can't explain it. I just felt like I had to have it and since there are no tests showing I have it yet, maybe I am crazy (honestly that is how I feel!) So I ate a tempura/mayo/sauce covered sushi roll smothered in soy....and when I got home, the headache crept in, my stomach started rumbling, I was soooo sleepy, and my gallbladder began to sting. Now I just feel really BLAH. For the first time in my life, I am connecting my food to how I have been feeling--after years of being diagnosed with so many different issues (from colitis to IBS to anemia and STRESSED) and just always feeling irritable/no energy---Why didn't I think of this sooner?! All of that to say, I thought it wouldn't bother me if the biopsy didn't turn up anything. Because ultimately if the diet makes me feel better then who cares? But, it is bothering me and I just want solid answers. And now I just find myself PRAYING that my blood work shows something. ANYTHING. Is it possible that the biopsy wouldn't show anything since I am only 25? Maybe my small intestine hasn't been damaged yet? I was just positive it would though, since in the last year and a half, suddenly I am lactose intolerant and I thought that would only happen if my villi were damaged. But that's the other thing--I don't see anything about "villi" on the report. Is that the "duodenal mucosa"? Thank if you made it this far. I am just looking in to anything I can to avoid gallbladder removal and get some answers. But my GI nurse told me that I won't need a followup appt unless once I get my gallbladder removed and I am still experiencing pain. GAH!
  3. Thank you for your response. I will proceed with the blood work (now that I know what to ask for) and once that's done, alter my diet and wait. Obviously, I'll still meet with the "gallbladder dude " and hear what he has to say about it. But I plan on trying my darndest to keep it. The common theme I see on here is people having to take matters into their own hands- looks like I am in the same boat now and the waiting game begins.
  4. Thank you sooo much for this! The nurse is mailing me my workup sheet, so I will be sure it's all being done. Thank you so much for taking the time to get that information to me--this is the only place I don't feel crazy! Ha! I read so much on here and it's like I wrote it myself. Praying for both of our results! Guess I'll quit asking questions and read up!
  5. Hi! Yes, he said he took two biopsies. One for bacteria (which was negative) and the other which came back as "Chronic Gastritis." I will call and ask for the exact results- I only knew of my diagnosis because he MAILED (didn't even call) a letter stating the pathology results as: "Chronic Gastritis" and then it listed possible causes- one of which is an auto immune disorder. I received the phone call to say I was being referred for my gallbladder and to also tell me blood work would be a waste of my time (after I called and requested it based on Biopsy) b/c the doctor does not feel I have Celiac. But, I just feel SO MANY things are pointing to it. He also seemed very against it to begin with saying it was "trendy." WHAT?! Is there hope that my gallbladder will settle down and 'repair' due to gluten-free diet?
  6. Exactly, MsCurious! I am in no rush to have it removed, that's why I am pushing for blood work. I have read on here that there are a few things to specifically test for the lab work, but I do not know them and can't find where I read it. I guess that was my question: What should I be sure they test for my blood work? I want to be sure they are thorough. Seems like you are in the same boat as me- I hope you get answers soon
  7. Hi all This is my first post, but have been reading for about a week now and am so encouraged by y'alls compassion and KNOWLEDGE. It has been such a blessing to me in this extremely frustrating time. First, I should say I have had issues my WHOLE LIFE, but things have become worse since having children. For the past 8 weeks, I have been having a burning/stinging pain in my upper right abdomen. After about two weeks of it, it radiated to my back, causing me to be seen in Urgent Care. I was told I had GERD and a back spasm and to Google a GERD diet but they also referred me to a G.I Dr. I researched GERD and I just do not believe I have it--but while researching, it also said, "If you have been misdiagnosed with GERD, IBS, have anemia, reflux, you may have Celiac." YES, YES, YES to all of the above! This was the second time in the past year that Celiac has crossed my mind and so at my appointment with the GI Dr., I mentioned my history and asked to be tested. He suspected an ulcer but said he would order an Endoscopy and we'd go from there. I also just had a HIDA scan with CCK on Monday. I just got the results (which is really just a letter with the diagnosis) from my Endoscopy and the letters says: CHRONIC GASTRITIS (inflammation and irritation of the stomach) special stains for Heliobacter are negative. It then goes on to list the possible causes for Chronic Gastritis: pernicious anemia, autoimmune disorders, and chronic bile reflux. I called the doctor's office and spoke with the nurse, requesting blood work to determine/rule out Celiac. She said it would be a waste of money and that the endoscopy is the most accurate and based off the report, my doctor says I do NOT have Celiac. I told her I would like it anyway, just for peace of mind. Then, she calls back and tells me the doctor just reviewed my HIDA scan and it is "abnormal" so I am being referred to another doctor to discuss gallbladder removal. I am 25 years old. I do not believe my gallbladder would just fail on me, especially given my history. I feel something ELSE is the culprit. And seeing as how my endoscopy results are "Chronic Gastritis" which can be caused by autoimmune disorder (which Celiac is) how can the doctor be so sure that I do not have Celiac? I feel like I am being written off, rushed for gallbladder removal, without knowing WHY. The nurse is mailing me a form for blood work, so I am not all sure what they are specifically looking for but I want to be sure they do EVERYTHING. What all should I be sure they do? I am just so confused and I want to be as informed as possible before meeting with the surgeon. Also, depending on my gallbladder functionality (I do not know what my injection percentage was)--do I HAVE to have surgery? Has anyone been here and know what I should do next? Thank you for any advice you may have for me. I am just SAD, MAD, FRUSTRATED--it goes on and on! Ha! I am tired of crying over it and just want to be INFORMED. Seems impossible when I feel doctors do not even have answers for me. Chas -I have ALWAYS been underweight (can eat and eat and EAT, and not gain a thing) -am anemic -have skin irritations on scalp, upper arms, and recently thighs--and even flaky skin in my eyebrows -hair always sheds like CRAZY--it's always been kind of a joke, since I have very thick hair- but now I realize: It's NOT FUNNY! -Stomach bloating, cramping- randomly--can never pinpoint WHAT causes it -hospitalized in 2004 for a week due to severe vomiting/diarrhea--had colonoscopy (results fine)--had no diagnosis other than "colitis" -Random bouts of alternating constipation/diarrhea -all of a sudden lactose intolerant in the past year--drank whole milk and was an ice cream lover my whole life--switched to soy, but it broke me out -an overall feeling BLAH--lack of energy- have never been able to pinpoint WHY I feel this way- I sleep fine but never have the energy that I SHOULD -Most recently Gallbladder pain---seems to be worse after eating breads/bisquits/etc. -Have lost about 8 lbs since the gallbladder pain started -have been diagnosed with IBS/GERD/ Acid Reflux in the last 5 years
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