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  1. Hi everyone, For a bit of my history, I am a 25 year old male and have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2009 (elevated ttG-IGA and confirmed biopsy) and Addison's Disease (low cortisol and high ACTH) in May 2011. Due to the high link between these autoimmune disease and Thyroid/Diabetes issues, I get tested for them every 6 months. Here are my last few sets of results, which the top results being from last week. I have been feeling really weak and tired lately, but all my other tests came out normal. Currently I am on cortisone medication for Addison's, B12 shots for Celiac issues and Testosterone Therapy due to very low free testosterone. My Endo doesn't think my issues are due to the thyroid. I'm just noticed a progression of my hair getting brittle, tired, freezing all the time and just a general unwell feeling. Should I try to find a new endo or go to my GP? Or am I wrong in thinking these numbers are bad as I thought the new TSH range was 3 and that you free's should be in top half (mine are close to 30% and 25% I believe). Anyways, any past experiences are appreciated :-) Thanks a million. March 7, 2012 -------------- TSH: 3.13 (range 0.3 - 5.0) Free T3: 3.4 (range 2.6 - 5.7) Free T4: 15 (range 12 - 22) Sept 16, 2011 -------------- TSH: 2.18 (range 0.3 - 5.0) Free T3: 3.6 (range 2.6 - 5.7) Free T4: 16 (range 12 - 22) March 14, 2011 -------------- TSH: 1.08 (range 0.3 - 5.0) Free T3: 5.2 (range 2.6 - 5.7) Free T4: 18 (range 12 - 22)
  2. Hi all, thanks in advance. To start off, I am a 25 year old Caucasian male. My current health issues are Celiac Disease (diagnosed Nov 2009 by biopsy/anti-ttg positive blood tests), Addison's Disease (diagnosed in May 2011 by low cortisol and high ACTH), secondary hypogonadism (diagnosed by low free testosterone and low pituitary hormones LH/FSH). Throughout the last couple years, my RBC/HB/HCT have been flip flopping from mildly low to borderline low. RBC range has been 3.5-4.5, HB range has been 119-141, HCT range has been 34-41. Basically it just seems to jump back and forth, never going higher than the bottom of normal. My absolute retic count throughout this time has ranged from severely low to mildly low. It is usually between 1-15 when normal is >25. It seems like every other test my levels bounce back and forth. Lately I've noticed my WBC starting to slide lower. It has always been between 5-7 and recently it has dropped into the 3's. I had been referred to a hematologist due to my bouncing counts and low b12/ferritin/folate. Here is the blood work ran by the hematology department last week, it was taken one month after I was treated with B12 shots bi-weekly and oral ferritin/folate. I had a B12 shot 5 days before this test was taken. My B12 before treatment was 72 and my ferritin was 19. I have highlighted low results with red and borderline with orange. The hematologist seems to be blowing me off, but my Gastro/Endo both believe it is something that needs to be investigated. My gasto mentioned a bone marrow biopsy, but the hematologist said not a chance. I am just worried as my health has not been good over the last couple years. Any advice or past experiences are appreciated. I understand nobody here is a doctor and others have much more severe issues, but I didn't know where else to ask. Thanks again to everyone!! WBC: 3.1 (4-11) ABS Neutro: 1.77 (2.0-6.5) ABS Lymph: 0.79 (1.0 - 3.2) ABS Mono: 0.32 (0.2 - 0.8) ABS Eosin: 0.2 (0.04-0.40) ABS Baso: 0.03 (0.00-0.10) RBC: 4.1 (4.5-5.7) HGB: 127 (140-170) HCT: 36 (40-49) MCV: 88 (82-97) MCH: 31 (27-32) MCHC: 352 (320-360) RDW: 12.3 (11-15) MPV: 8.3 (7-11) PLT: 156 (150-400) B12: 183 (110-800) Homocysteine: 14.2 (3-15) RBC Folate: 491 (normal >650) Ferritin: 26 (30-280) Total IRON: 11 (10-32) TIBC: 50 (43-73) Saturation %: 22 (20-50) ESR: 1 (0-15) CRP: <0.2 (0.0-5.0) ALP: 41 (35-125) AST: 30 (7-40) ALT: 31 (10-45) GGT: 9 (8-80)
  3. Thanks for the list, I called back the doctor and ask his assistant if she could talk to him for me. I'll probably get an answer of what can cause this next week. I just found out my insurance wont cover any Testosterone Therapy and it's $200 a month. He gave me a years worth, but I'm assuming I wont need to take it that long. No, I am not on any medication like that. All I take is Cortisone and Florinef for my Addison's. Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi all. My doctor just called me with the Free Testosterone results: LH: 1 (range 1-9) FSH: 3 (range 2 - 12) Free Testosterone: 3 (range 50 - 200) Looks like that explains why I am so tired. He has sent me a script for Androgel or something like that. He never said what would of caused this, does anybody have experience with this? He did say it was the lowest he has ever seen for man my age (so nice haha). Oh well, I hope this helps me feel better. Does anybody know if this is common with Celiac or Addison's, or should I have my pituitary checked out. Anyways, thanks to everyone for their help!
  5. Thanks to both of you! Raven: I have been taking a double dose of B12 pills, but just regular ones. My Gastro said they were good enough, great advice lol Thanks for the help! Gemini: Thanks for letting me know about the blood work. My doctor called me yesterday afternoon and let me know my Absolute Reticulocytes(red cells from bone marrow) were at 7 (range 25 - 85) and that it was concerning since my red cells were low. Who knows there, but Celiac has caused weird stuff with my before. She is trying to find me a hematologist now with little luck as most only take people diagnosed with Cancer. My WBC has been around 2.5 - 5.0 since I was diagnosed, so I am used to it sitting low and I'm glad to know it is normal. I have Addison's Disease as well, so Thyroid was always a concern of mine. Fatigue has been my worst symtpom, but my ENdo always blames Addison's or Celiac. My low end Free T3/T4 do no concern him because my antibodies were negative. I'm worried it is a bad sign as over the last two years my Free's were always at top end of range. No point is worrying if my Endo isn't worried, so I'll just keep an eye on it. Thanks again!!!
  6. Thanks for the response Ravenwood. I have been supplementing with B12 for the last couple years, with no luck unfortunately. I'm going to do what you said and bring my lab results to my GP, to get her opinion. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it!
  7. Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a couple years ago and in May of this year I was diagnosed with autoimmune adrenal insufficiency. I recently saw my Endocrinologist due to feeling weak and tired. He sent me for a whole wack of blood work to make sure my adrenal insufficiency was under controls and to check my thyroid/pituitary glands or any other cause for the way I feel. Here they are below. My endocrinologist told me everything looks great and he didn't think there was anything else wrong. He increased my Florinef medication and said maybe that will help. I have highlighted some lines that are low or are on the low end. My concerns are: - TSH is normal but why are free`s on the low end. I have two autoimmune diseases, so I always worry about Thyroid issues. - How can LH be low and FSH be borderline low, yet he says it is great, why bother checking then. I am a 25 year old male, I`d think my LH FSH would be higher. - My RBC and WBC are both low which worries me. Again how is this normal? Anyways, I know nobody here is a doctor, but I just wondered if anybody else experienced results like these. Thanks a lot! Thyroid ------- TSH - 1.4 (range 0.35 - 5.00) Free T4 - 15 (range 12 - 22) <-- LOWISH Free T3 - 3.7 (range 2.6 - 5.7) <-- LOWISH Thyroid Antibodies - all came back negative (ones for hashi, graves) Hormone - Adrenal/Pituitary ---------- LH - 1 (range 2 - 10) <-- LOW FSH - 3 (range 2 - 12) <-- LOWISH Cortisol - 238 (range 80 - 600) Prolactin - 6 (range < 18) Free Test: Pending...not complete yet Hematology ------------ Hemoglobin: 120 (range 140 - 170) <-- LOW Hematocrit: 0.36 (range 0.39 - 0.49) <-- LOW RBC: 3.99 (range 4.30 - 5.70) <-- LOW MCV: 89 (range 80-97) MCH: 30 (range 27-32) MCHC: 342 (range 320 - 360) RDW: 12 (range 11.5 - 15) WBC: 3.8 (4.2 - 11.0) <-- LOW Platelets: 170 (range 150 -400) <-- LOWISH MPV: 9 (7 - 11) ABS Neutrophils: 2.09 (range 1.80 - 7.00) ABS LYmphocytes: 0.99 (range 1.00 - 4.00) <-- LOW ABS Monocytes: 0.42 (range 0.00 - 0.80) ABS Eosinophils: 0.27 (range 0.00 - 0.40) ABS BAsophils: 0.04 (range 0.00 - 0.20) Chemistry ------------- Fasting Glucose: 3.9 (range 3.6 - 6.0) <-- LOWISH Calcium: 2.31 (range 2.20 - 2.65) <-- LOWISH Sodium: 136 (range 135 - 145) <-- LOWISH Potasium: 4.5 (range 3.3 - 5.1) Alkaline Phosphatase: 40 (range 40 -120) <-- LOWISH B12: 148 (range 150 - 900) <-- LOW Ferritin: 45 (range 16 - 300)
  8. haha I like your logic mscurious, makes sense. Nah I know we all are different and our bodies all heal in different times. I guess I'm just stuck in that stage of not believing it is real yet. I can't believe something I love so much, hurt me so bad lol Thanks everybody for the responses. I agree, all that matters is that I know and can reverse it. My fiance was just asking me questions about it and I really had no idea what to tell her as to how bad it was inside my belly. From what I found on google, I was in Marsh 3B, so I explained that to her. Whether I'm right, that is another chapter. Thanks again everyone.
  9. Hi all, I was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease by blood test (anti-tTg 60 when >20 was positive) and biopsy. At my appointment today, my doctor gave me a copy of the endoscopy procedure notes and the biopsy results. I'm very new to all of this and would like to know if the results mean anything to anybody. Is this early Celiac Disease or is this likely something I've had for awhile (I am 25). I ask because I was sick for most of my life from stomach problems, but was told it was IBS. Is it possible I had this as a young kid or is my damage not enough? Maybe you can't tell, but I was just curious. I can't complain though, I'm sure there are people out there with a lot more damage than me, but you always are curious as to what stage your in before you reverse it. Thanks a lot!!! ENDOSCOPY ---------------------- POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: 1. Normal examination of esophagus and stomach. 2. Diffuse flattening of villi, multiple biopsies taken BIOPSY ------ Small Intestine Biopsy: High levels of intraepithelial lymphocyte counts with moderate villi atrophy. Stomach Biopsy: Antral and body-type mucosa show signs of mild inflammation and gastritis. Helicobacter pylori negative.
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