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  1. Yes, Jello brand puddings and gelatin are both made by Kraft, and both are safe. Kraft is excellent about listing any gluten in their products. I tend to buy a lot of Kraft brand products because it is easy to read their labels and not have to guess!! I too use the Betty Crocker mixes and add pudding in my batter, makes them much moister. Good luck!!!
  2. My 12-year-old daughter has Celiac and was found to have a very low vitamin D level as well. She takes a multivitamin plus we found a vitamin D at Wal-Mart that is labelled gluten-free called Spring Valley. I have seen many of their products labelled gluten-free too and are very inexpensive. Good luck!!!!
  3. Yes, she is eating some lunches at school, maybe 1 or 2 a week. We have never had any issues tho, and I personally went over to the school and helped the lady in charge to determine what was gluten-free and what was not. They buy special pizza crusts for her, special pasta for her, etc. There is one lady only who fixes her meals and a few others that have food allergies. She seems very responsible. I guess I have a hard time thinking that it is the school? Maybe it is, I just have trusted them so much. We never eat out, I am soooo paranoid about it, we eat out maybe 1-2 times a month max. Just so frustrated with her continued malabsorption problems tho and not sure why she has them still?
  4. Help!!! My 12-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with Celiac now 2 years ago is having problems again. She seems to continually have problems with one malabsorption problem after another, and we have a dr appt again today because she seems to be having yet another one. Has been very sick this winter, sicker than normal for her and tired all the time. She didnt have a lot of GI symptoms when she was diagnosed and isnt this time, just had symptoms related to the vitamin deficiencies, and I think that is what I am seeing now. It seems like with Celiac, you continually have malabsorption problems. But then on the other hand, how do I know that when she is at school, she isnt cheating or the lunches that they fix her are safe? I know she is safe here, I am very cautious about everything I buy. Or what if she is sensitive to some other allergen like soy, corn or potato? I know a lot of those with Celiac are. Would this cause the malabsorption problems tho? Would it show up on the blood test if they checked her titers again? I am sooo confused and very concerned about my daughter and her health. How do I know how to help her?
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