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  1. This is a random comment: but I seriously hope that I can get my body to immediately react to gluten the ways yours did! I would much rather take a momentary vomit rather than dealing with the pain and cramping and serious D!
  2. I couldn't agree with you more...this happens to me EVERYWHERE. The best is when people think you're just complaining, or being picky/high-maintenance/whiny about the food, or that you just want to feel 'special' about yourself and make everyone feel sorry for you. I live one a college campus meal plan, and the food choices are ALWAYS slim pickings (I've been living on frozen dinners and pastries for the last six months), and whenever I ask people to simply change their gloves when preparing my food, I get weird looks from the cooks and the other students waiting in line behind me. I feel so discriminated against I guess, I would love to see the reactions that those same people would have if they saw what happens when I don't ask for clean gloves and new ingredients...it hurts a lot
  3. This is just so sad. I know I often feel the same way, that if you tell someone how you need your food prepared in order to avoid extremely painful consequences in a few hours, but they look at you like you're just being high-maintenance, picky, or whiny. I get that a lot from the servers at restaurants. I've had to send food back numerous times due to their ignoring or forgetting my explicit 'do NOT put crutons on my salad please'. Hang in there! I know that telling those around you will really help out. I truly hope that I have the guts to do this sort of thing when the time comes.
  4. I was just recently diagnosed with Celiac about two months ago (the full diagnoses, blood tests, the upper endoscopy, everything), and I've been having digestive issues for over a year, and these issues are really the only symptoms that I've experience...thus far at least. One thing that's really been getting to me is that when I accidentally eat something (gluten has been showing its hidden talents to me the hard way), it goes straight through me! Literally whenever I go out to eat (most likely because I don't explain how vital it is that they treat my food with care) I can expect to be in the bathroom within the next thirty minutes to an hour, doubled over in extreme intestinal cramps and will be making multiple trips there for the next few hours. What I really don't understand is that digestion just doesn't happen that fast, and yet it's like whenever I accidentally eat gluten it does it in fast forward and with a vengeance. Can anyone relate? Does anyone know why?
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