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  1. Yes, I still live with my parents but they don't have insurance either. I would be willing to put the time into taking note of all the regular food costs because the closest store to me that sells gluten-free food overcharges for even normal stuff and Trader Joe's is 10 miles away one way and you can get gas deductions and such. But that is just one reason. I really want to know if I should be getting screened for cancer and getting a biopsy and I also feel like if I was diagnosed my family wouldn't roll their eyes when I ask if I can get a different toaster or plastic spoons instead of wood, etc. or eat my gluten-free food when they have like 5 different flavors of chips and loaves of bread and I've just got rice cakes, lol. But it's possible to pretty much be the only one in my family or would it be more likely to be a sensitivity/intolerance?
  2. I want to try and get tested for Celiac so that I know if it's just an intolerance or if I am now more susceptible to other things I should be screened for and what not, not to mention the tax deduction on the expensive foods, but I just am kind of nervous. 1. I have no medical insurance so it will be expensive and hard... 2. The doctors here are kind of awful. I went to the urgent care with severe stomach pains, i thought my appendix had burst or something, and they gave me mylanta and a follow-up appointment. When I went to the follow-up appointment, the doctor took one look at me and told me I needed a healthier diet and to not drink any soda. Because I am fat, he assumed. I told him I don't drink soda and I practically live off of carrots and broccoli and then he told me that that was the cause of my diarrhea. First I eat unhealthy, next I eat too much vegetables so it gives me diarrhea. He didn't run any tests or do an examination or anything. He prescribed Ranitidine (which gave me severe headaches) and said I had IBS. I haven't been back. 3. No one else in my immediate family seems to have any symptoms at all. One of my mom's uncles or great uncles has Crohn's and so did his daughter I guess, However, my cousin on my mom's side started having almost my exact same symptoms and it turns out her mom (also my cousin) is lactose intolerant and has stomach problems as well, so I recommended to them a gluten free diet but I have not heard back from them because my mom hates them or something so I rarely get to talk to them. I don't know if I'll ever know. Anyway, I am also nervous that it will end up negative and that I don't have Celiac or an intolerance or anything and then I won't know where to go from there. I also don't want to start eating gluten again and the idea of a biopsy kind of freaks me out, especially if I need to eat gluten for 3 months (as i've read) before I can have it. I've had symptoms here and there, miscellaneous ones for as long as I can remember, especially getting sick EVERY Thanksgiving. I thought it was a seasonal thing but I guess it could have been the stuffing, rolls, etc...haha... But from 2000 - 2003 (when I was 9 - 12) I was severely depressed all the time for no reason and stopped doing as well in school and couldn't focus as well on tests but I didn't think anything of it and everyone just said 'hormones'. Then in about 2004 I would have this fluttering sensation for a while just to the right on my belly button. As time went on it would get more pronounced until eventually it hurt. It would only hurt for a few minutes, but it was a really sharp pain and it throbbed. As time went on again it got worse and worse and took longer and longer. I thought it was related to my period but my period was never regular, even from my first one when I was 9 (same year I went from being happy and outgoing to being sad and paralyzingly shy [related?]), and the pain was sometimes there when I was on my period and sometimes when I wasn't. Then in 2009 it would happen every single day instead of every few months, every few weeks, every few days. It felt like someone was stabbing me repeatedly in the one spot over my belly button. I would be fine and then it would just hit me and I would double over and couldn't even move it hurt so bad. It then got to where it was constant and I would just cry all day and I was so terrified that I was dying or something, I didn't know what was wrong. My dad would brew these HUGE batches of peppermint tea before he left for work because it did settle my stomach a little bit but if my stomach hurt before I made it I never would have been able to make it. Then it got to where it hurt so bad I had to take vicodin to be able to sleep, I couldn't just ignore it and fall asleep. That's when I went to the doctor and they gave me mylanta and suggested TUMs and told me to try Tylenol, which did actually help my stomach, it's the only standard pain reliever I hadn't tried before I went to vicodin. So I'm glad Tylenol works but there were times I would have to crawl to get it because I was in another room when the stomach pains doubled me over. My poop has always been either diarrhea or constipation, diarrhea more often, and a weird colour and always smelled disgusting no matter what I did or ate. It also looked kind of frothy, if that makes sense, and I just though everyone was like that. If I drank milk when my stomach was hurting (which is funny because all I crave when my stomach hurt was chocolate milk or toast) it made it 20x worse. Since being gluten free I can concentrate, my stomach pain is gone, my poop is SOLID and brown and it's so weird, haha, I'm happier and more confident and less shy, my skin looks better just generally the tone of it and I don't get these rashes anymore. I don't think it was DH but I definitely got big red streaks randomly for seemingly no reason, and hives and just general patchy skin. I also have so much energy and lose weight really easily on a gluten free diet as long as I don't snack or drink a lot of liquid calories. So I don't know, it seems like celiac/gluten intolerance, but I am just wondering why my mom and dad don't have problems or my grandparents, and if it is celiac what my 'trigger' was, since I've never had kids or anything. Sorry this is long but I've just been frustrated thinking about how to arrange for a blood test or eating gluten again for the test and stuff. Thanks if anyone replies.
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