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  1. Hello!! I am in Maine, so am on the other end of the nation and am a kindred spirit even though it is my husband NOT I who has been diagnosed with Celias. I plan to go gluten free WITH him! Just in learning mode right now, but I surely can sympathize with your concern about pizza nights! Beth
  2. My husband has a new diagnosis of celiacs disease an I have questions. If I decide to go gluten free with him, what do we face? I realize that we cannot eat anything with gluten in it...I have checked the list. What else should we do? I surmise from reading the forum that we shouldn't use the same pots and pans we have used before? We should get rid of glutenous foods...I plan to give them to my daughter. Should we ask other family members to be tested? My husband is 72 years old, so this is not new. He has been anemic for months with no explanation until this! We are generally vegetarian and I am thinking we need to go back to meat in order to eat. Thoughts? Any gluten-free vegetarians here? Recipes or links? My husband loves beans, but I hate them! Thanks for all your wonderful info! Beth
  3. I must admit that I have not read this whole thread, but as new diagnosees of celiac disease, we are totally new at this....actually my husband has the diagnosis and I will join him in being gluten free! I am just reading and learning about it. Have many questions and perhaps some of you have suggestions about where i should read. I bought the 'For Dummies book' and have started to read. Beth
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